World Cup Added To Olympics

imagesBrasília, Brazil —

It is official, the World Cup will soon be added to the Olympics. It will be run as it is, but as an Olympic event. So while your nations team is not only fighting for the World Cup Championship. They are fighting for those gold medals to help your nation win the Olympics. With the add of the world cup, the Olympics is also thinking of adding some solo based soccer events. This is going to be huge, these 2 great things added together is just going to be great. Olympics is where all the nations challenge each other over different skills. It is about time they add the worlds favorite sport. Below we have quotes from both the International Olympic Committee and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association

“We are thrilled to have the World Cup added to our Olympics program. All the other soccer events we plan on adding , we feel is going to take us to the next level. The FIFA will still be running it, but it will be an Olympic event non the less.” – International Olympic Committee

“Well there is nothing to lose here. We still get to run the show, while getting to be part of the Olympics. We feel this is a good move by both our programs. We have also been in the talks of being in charge of the other football events to be added to the Olympics.” – Internationale de Football Association

Well you heard it all here folks. Watch out swimming, running, aerobic, and all you other Olympic events. Soccer is coming to steal that spotlight.

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