Vladimir Putin Joins Russian Hockey Team To Compete In Winter Olympics

Vladimir-Putin-Hockey-PlayerRussian President Vladimir Putin has loved this winter Olympics like his own kid. He has taken many persuasions to make sure it is safe. And today he took the last one. This morning, he announced that he would be joining the Russian hockey team. Putin said that with him there, he could look over his “baby” even closer.

Putin said he would be the new star defender. ” I was the star hockey player for the KGB hockey team back in the day. I was known to crash opponents against the windows so much that I was known as the ‘Glass Crusher’ “! Putin added on to that by saying ” I also just love destroying my opponents!” Immediately, the Russian coach  and teammates pleaded for the President not to join, but he ignored them.  When Reporters asked his press Secretary what if opposing players tried to hurt the President, he explained that anyone who tried to come within 5 feet of Putin to hit him would be shot by snipers filled with tranquilizers perched on the roof above, including those with the puck. Of course when hearing this, the US and others  complained that Putin was cheating, but the President threatened to kick the teams out of Russia if they continued those accusations. So, Putin prevailed.

Now, you can see Vlad practicing his skills (mostly checking) for the up-coming games!


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