To Kick Or Not To Kick: The NFL’s New PAT Rule

Rob Ryan may get some playing time this year.
Rob Ryan may get some playing time this year.

Recently Roger Goodell has been contemplating whether or not the NFL should do away with point after the touchdown kicks.  Well it seems a decision has been made.

Starting in the preseason next year the PAT will be kicked by an assistant coach of the other teams choice, but hold on this is not as bad as it may at first seem.  It will obviously be more entertaining because the PAT will be worth two points and will be kicked from the sideline like in rugby.  This is a good move by Goodell because it will create job opportunities for former kickers as assistant coaches.   Also this will increase the chance of two point conversions because, seriously, who wants their 300 pound line coach kicking a critical PAT in the final seconds of a playoff game? Can anyone really picture Rob Ryan (AKA Sampson) kicking a PAT even if the Saints play in the Superdome?

Overall though good job Goodell you have made the game more interesting for me the rest of the NFL.

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