Tebow Tries a Comeback

We have Just found out that QB Tim Tebow has just signed a 1 year deal to the Iowa Barnstormers.  The Barnstormers had the worst record in the Arena Football League at 6-12 last season. Tebow said to us that ” I tried all 32 NFL Gm’s, but they all laughed like crazy. Then I tried all the of the other AFL teams but the same thing happened. The only reason these guys took me is because I was the only guy to show up”. Tebow had signed Manchester United a week before and did not realize it was the wrong sport until he got onto the field and asked “where are the goal posts”. Manchester U Released him after he had the most  turnovers in Premiership history in that game. MU fans pelted him with Watermelons that had his name on it which they bought before the game.  Tebow left in full shame. His release contract was kicked at his head.  Once the news was announced, Barnstormers fans starting saying that the Apocalypse was upon Iowa and chaos has been   happening since. All this reporter has to say is God Bless the state of Iowa and let God spare them with a quick release of Tim Tebow.



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