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Washington Changes Name From Redskins To Natives

Washington, D.C. – empire-sports-washington-redskins-change-name-to-natives-racism

Washington, D.C. NFL team the Redskins have always had one of the most controversial team names in sports history. There have been the people who support it, and the people who hate it. The positive was that the name tries to give honor to the people whose ancestors were settled here first. The negative is that the name is ridiculously offensive, using a derogatory slang term for an entire race of people as a sports team. It is because of this division amongst fans that Washington has decided to unveil a new name that they hope will bring the two sides together. The franchise owners have decided to change the name from Redskins to Natives.

“We did not think we could ever find a name that would allow us to part with the name Redskins.” Said Dan Snyder, majority owner of the team.  “Then one day the name Natives popped into my head, and I knew it would work. It was brilliant. The new name will even allow us to keep the same logo. It is only the moniker that is changing. Because we understand this is a big change for fans, we will be working on a date and time where anyone who recently purchased Redskins gear can exchange it with us for Natives merchandise of equal or lessar value. We take care of our fans. Go Natives!”

The team name change will take effect starting in the 2015 season. If you do happen to have any Redskins merchandise, you may want to hold onto it for now. It’s very possible that with many people making exchanges on merchandise, Redskins memorabilia could become rare and skyrocket in price. If you are looking to exchange it, check the official Natives website for dates and times of exchange.

Gang Member Claims He Was ‘Jumped-In’ By Desean Jackson And Snoop Dogg

empire-sports-gang-member-jumped-in-desean-jackson-snoop-dogg-fight-deadLOS ANGELES—

Some people feel that being part of a gang is being part of a family. Which could d be the case if thats how you choose to live your life. Some people enjoy the street life, and want to surround themselves with crime, and violence.

That is why when entering a gang there are certain things you have to do to show your trust, and determination. Now, you would think someone who has made it in life who see the gang life as something they wouldn’t need anymore. That is not the way it goes for some celebrities and professional athletes, that have had gang ties in there earlier stages of life.

Two names that are always in the news for being the best at what they do, now have a different kind of attention coming there way. NFL wide receiver Desean Jackson, and rapper Snoop Dogg, are facing an ugly truth that has found its way to the surface.

A younger gentlemen who wants to stay anonymous claims that Jackson and Snoop Dogg beat the hell out of him, as an initiation to be a part of a gang.

“When I first saw them at the spot, I was losing it! These are two of the best at what they are doing, and I was star struck.” says the young gentlemen

“They asked me if I rolled with this crew, and I told them I planned to once I got the okay. They then said that they would put in a good word and told me to take a walk with them. Right when we got outside they starting hitting me, along with a bunch of other guys. When I came to all I heard was “Welcome” and they left me there half dead.”

No one from either Snoop or Jackson’s camp have commented on the allegations at this time.

DeSean Jackson Injured In Drive-By Shooting From Angry Crips

This picture is of DeSean Jackson holding the Crips Hand Logo up.
This picture is of DeSean Jackson holding the Crips Hand Logo up.


Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday evening with minor injuries after being targeted in a drive-by shooting.  Rumors that the drive-by was ordered by members of Jackson’s former gang.

DeSean was involved with the Crips before his career in football. Rumor has it that the “Compton Crips” sent out an executive order to kill him for signing with the Redskins and wearing rival gang “Bloods” colors.

When DeSean was released from the hospital today he said “I haven’t associated with these thugs in years, you know what they say, once a Crip, you always a Crip. Its just hard to believe my old homiez would try to kill me.”

DeSean still plans to play for the redskins and carry out his 3 year 24 million dollar contract. He is worried about more attacks but is confident police can keep him safe.

Shortly after the shooting we spoke to QB Robert Griffin III he commented “I think that DeSean is a great addition to the team but is not worth it if he is putting this team at risk”.

We will just have to wait and see how this violent “Beef” will end.