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New NFL Rule Makes It A Penalty To Touch Quarterback

empire-sports-no-hitting-qb-nfl-ruleDENVER, Colorado–

The NFL has taken on a wide new series of rules, and regulations to provide the safest game for their players. Even using new technology to create better equipment to provide a safer game has been going on for the past few years. With the new rules we have witnessed flags for hits that use to be okay, and people getting fined for playing the way they were taught how to play.

With the concussion controversy it was clear that at some point the National Football League would take the step in this direction. Starting the 2014 season it will be a 15 yard penalty and possible ejection if a defense player even touches the opposing quarterback.

The rule was put into place to protect franchise QBs from getting hurt and not being able to play. The officials have decided that a hurt QB can end a season for a team, and owners felt that losing a high salary player would be a tremendous waste of team money.

The new rule will be called “Touching the Passer” and even the slightest bit of contact will draw a flag. Classes have already begun in Denver, Colorado for NFL referees to learn what is okay, and not okay when dealing with touching the passer.

“Basically you can’t even touch the QB, your only hope is to chase him out of bounds” said an NFL ref.

“Once the QB is being pursued he has to either throw the ball or take a slid. I’m not positive how many QBs will take advantage of this new rule, and just run for 80 yards, but I feel like it will be a lot”

The rule has been sent to each team in the NFL, and certain teams are already tuning up their play books, a lot of quarterback keeps may be in our future.


Tom Brady To Pose Nude For Playgirl Magazine

empire-sports-tom-brady-poses-nude-naked-playgirl-playboy-magazineBOSTON, Massachusetts-

Heads up ladies, and some men that are still in the closest, one of the most praised quarterbacks in the NFL has just singed a multi-million deal. The talented, and handsome Tom Brady, QB for The New England Patriots has just announced he will be doing a cover shoot with the magazine Playgirl. Brady has had a very successful career on and off the field, winning multiple Super Bowls, and being a piece of eye candy for several super models.

Now, we get to see Brady in a way we never had before, completely naked. The New England QB is excited for the chance to show his fans the true Brady, and people are thinking that this will either break or make his career. Brady career may literally be hanging in the balance, if the shoot doesn’t go the way that the magazine is planning, then this could be a career ending move for him.

“I mean he is a handsome dude so ladies are going to by a lot of copies. That being said if Tom comes up with a 4th and inches in his trouser it could kill his career. There  will never be enough Super Bowl rings that can fix an ego after showing the world you have a small penis.” said a local Patriots fan

“I don’t even follow football, but I would train my entire life, go to college, get a starting spot as a center, hope to get drafted by the Patriots as a center, just to have Tom’s hands between my legs.” said one crazy lady

The issue is to be released in the late fall with people already reserving copies to the issue. Will a sack be a QBs worse enemy once again? Only time will tell.



Donovan McNabb Returning To Philadelphia Eagles; Signs Multi-Year Deal

empire-sports-donovan-mcnabb-return-philadelphia-eagles-contract-2014-quarterback-vick-millionPhiladelphia, PA-

Quarterback controversy is some what of a normal thing for the Philadelphia Eagles. With knew coach Chip Kelly making his mark, it is still in the air who will be the starter this coming fall season. Now, finger point to Foles after an impressive previous season, and with Vick out of the picture you would think that he has in the bag right? Wrong.

Reports broke today that a familiar face will be returning to his old team this fall; QB Donovan McNabb. McNabb had a rollercoaster career at Philadelphia it had its ups and downs, but at the end of it you kind felt sick. He didn’t do anything really that terrible, but he never did anything really that great. Granted, he did take the Eagles to a Super Bowl he fell short to Tom Brady, and the Patriots.

Questions will be asked to why he got the offer to come back to the Eagles knowing he left on a sub pair note, but Coach Kelly is optimistic about his return.

“It’s exciting to see McNabb return to our team, and I feel we can all learn a lot from him.” said Kelly

“I’m not positive if he will be in the running for QB, but his is defiantly a person I want on my sideline on a Sunday afternoon. Our QBs are young, and McNabb has played for this team for years, and could teach them a thing or two.”

No remarks have been made by McNabb besides a tweet he posted saying “I’m coming home”.

We tried to get a remark from Andy Reid, the former Eagles coach that spent years with McNabb. Unfortunately, Reid had just eaten a calzone when we called for his statement, and was too winded to make a statement on the issue.

Eli Manning Cut From the Giants

empire-sports-eli-manning-cut-new-york-giants-nflEast Rutherford, New Jersey-

New York Giant fans are going to have a lot of questions coming in the next couple days, as news of Eli Manning being cut, has finally surfaced, It is reported that Manning will no longer be behind center coming this fall, at least in a Giants uniform. He was released from the team this afternoon, as what is being called a “choice that had to be made”.

Co-Owner of the Giants John Mara is taking the heat for the cut, but claims that they team needs to move forward.

“He had a few great years with us, but the past is the past, this team needs another Super Bowl. If I was looking for a guy to break the record for most interceptions, I would have easily kept Eli on the squad.” said Mara

“I’m not trying to take away what he did for our team, he was a great QB in his prime, but I’m sick of all our highlight reels being a pouty face of Eli after he throws another pick six.”

It is unclear where Eli will land next, but word is a few teams have their eye on him as a solid back up. As for the quarterback taking Mannings spot that is unclear, but names like Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and Matt Mcgloin have been in discussion.

It has been a tough past year for the Mannings as both QBs fell short of what they set out to do; win another Super Bowl.

No comment has been made by Eli at this moment, but at some point he will have to face the people, and explain how he feels about the situation. Manning did lock down two Super Bowl rings while playing as a Giant, but even those rings couldn’t save his job today.


Tom Brady Gets Caught with Naked Pictures of Himself

empire-sports-tom-brady-naked-photos-himself-nude-gayFOXBOROUGH, MA—

Coming into the NFL season eyes of course will be all over the franchise quarterbacks. You know the guys who put up huge numbers, and have Super Bowl rings on their fingers. One of which will be Tom Brady, the starting QB for The Patriots. He has done a lot in his career, and is constantly under the spot light. So much so, that this past Saturday a fellow team mate was going through his locker, and found naked pictures of Tom Brady.

“I went to see if he had my stolen ham sandwich is his locker, and then boom!” said Rob Gronkowski. “In one photo he was posing as if he just threw a touchdown, and his arms, and another part of his body were raised in a score pose.”

With news of this breaking out, we got a moment to speak with Tom himself about the issue. Like always he stayed humble, and modest as we asked about the situation.

“Well, you know Tom is just such a handsome guy, and at that level of beauty it has nothing to do with homosexuality, at that level it is art” said Tom Brady. We continued to ask him why he was speaking in third person.

“Well, Tom is a great player, he is handsome, and he really has a great attitude about life” said Tom.

Confused and frustrated about not getting anywhere with him, we decide to give him a high five (Which he forced on us), and leave the conversation on that.

In other news Rob Gronkowski reported to us that he finally found that lost ham sandwich he’d been looking for.

“I forgot that I left in my helmet, until during practice when another teammate hit me, and I thought I was bleeding mayo. Thank god I had it in their though, it could have done serious problems to my brain”.

Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Escapes Prison And Breaks In To Tom Brady’s Home

empire-sports-aaron-hernandez-in-jailNORTH DARTMOUTH, Mass.—

A massive manhunt begun in Dartmouth this morning as former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez escaped from the Bristol County House of Correction and Jail in Massachusetts, a county sheriff’s department spokesman said Wednesday.

According to the spokesman Hernandez escaped from the jail some time during the night.  The prison was unaware of his escape until early this morning.

Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking into a house in Dartmouth
Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking in to the Home of Tom Brady

What is even more alarming and disturbing is news that Hernandez was caught on a security camera inside the home of his former New England teammate Tom Brady with what appears to be a handgun.

It is unknown why Hernandez would have broken in to Brady’s home or if he had intent to harm Brady in any way. Some fans have speculated that the Patriots organization could have hired Hernandez to knock off Brady to get out of his multi-million dollar contract and avoid a cap hit.

Tom Brady was not at his home at the time but is said to have been ‘shocked’ to hear the news.

“I have no idea why he would be in my house,” said Brady in an interview this afternoon. “Maybe he wanted to play the new Madden 2014 with me, I couldn’t tell you.”

Hernandez is considered armed and dangerous and the Dartmouth Sheriff is urging anyone with  information on the possible whereabouts of Aaron Hernandez to contact Dartmouth Police.


Brett Favre Planning Return To NFL Yet Again


Brett Favre will be turning 45 this year on October 10th, and he is yet again planning to return to the NFL.

After retiring in 2007 with the Packers and then coming back to play for the Jets and the Vikings, then retiring, Brett Favre is planning on returning again. This time, the lucky team that has offered him a contract is the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick has asked the Patriots GM for awhile to give Brett Favre a contract, and he finally did. When ask how the old Brett Favre will handle the pressure of fast DEs and DTs trying to hit him hard, Belichick responded. “We feel we have a great offensive line, and if Brett Favre can get rid of it quickly like Brady he will do fine.”

We are told Brett Favre will be competing with Tom Brady for a starting job, since many people believe Favre is better considering he has many veteran years under his belt.

There will be incredibly high expectations after Brett Favre’s last season in the NFL ended with a concussion from the Chicago Bears.

We also interviewed Tom Brady about this matter. “How do you feel about Brett Favre coming to New England to compete for a starting job?” a reporter asked. “This is my team. I am not happy with Bill [Belichick] asking for Favre to be signed.  He will not win the starting job, I will make sure of it!” So there are varied feelings about Brett Favre joining the Patriots.

Will Brett Favre do well in the NFL this time?