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Terrell Owens Planning To Get Sex Change Opperation

empire-sports-terrell-owens-sex-change-operationLOS ANGELES, California—

One of the most decorated wide receivers to play in the National Football League is going under the knife this weekend in LA. Wide receiver Terrell Owens will be getting a potential sex change, that quote “I’ve wanted this since I was a little boy”.

Owens who had a colorful 16 seasons in the NFL, will be making this announcement public after the procedure. Luckily, TO was kind enough to sit down with us, and explain why he is choosing to do this.

“It is just something I want done, I think I would feel more comfortable as a lady” said Owens

We asked him towards the end of your season you bounced around a lot from team to team, and kind of fell out of the spotlight, is this a strange way to get noticed again?

“Not at all, I’ve wanted this since I was a little boy” said Owens

We continued to ask him if his sexuality was a part of this, and if he was homosexual.

“Not at all, I’ll continue to see ladies once the surgery is complete. I am not gay, and never had gay thoughts before in my head. The closest I’ve ever been to being gay was playing for the Dallas Cowboys, but that was mainly because Romo was tossing to me.”

After the surgery will you continue to call yourself Terrell Owens?

“I’ am not positive about my new identity, but my name will no loner be Terrell Owens. I want to be a strong black women like Michelle Obama or Venus Willams. I need to come up with a powerful name that will show my dominance.”

Owens did not remark on how his fellow teammates, and family felt about the decision, but did say that no matter what happens to him next, he is ready for it.