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Movement Seeking Teen Mom Fight With Rousey Gains Momentum

empire-sports-ronda-rousey-janelle-evans-mma-fight-ufcLAS VEGAS—

It seems like there is a new fight possibility for UFC champion Ronda Rousey each week. It was just a few days ago that the ridiculous idea of her fighting boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was making the rounds. That story was intriguing but never really had a chance to happen. No way Mayweather would get in a ring of any shape to fight a female, even though Rousey is perfectly capable of defending herself against any man. It would have been a no win situation for Money May. If he loses he is disgraced, and if he wins, what honor is that for a man beating up a woman?

This new possible opponent for Rousey would be a win-win for almost everyone on the planet. The talk is heating up due to support in the sports world as well as the pop culture world. The opponent that is being pushed toward the Rousey camp, as an exhibition fight, is Jenelle Evans from MTV’s Teen Mom 2. For those few who are unaware of the MTV reality show, it basically shows the lives of multiple teenage moms navigating their way, mostly unsuccessfully, through society. Jenelle is possibly the most hateable character on the show. I only say “possibly” because her own mom is on the show and is a monster of epic proportions with a voice that makes one contemplate where such humans could originate. So many people would like to punch Ms. Evans in the face that it’s a lock that those same people would pay $60 to watch Ronda Rousey do the dirty work for them.

Ronda Rousey does not need a fight like this. Clearly she would destroy Jenelle as quickly as the champ desired. Ms. Evans definitely does not need a fight like this, even though she does enjoy brawling with her contemporaries in the white trash community. Jenelle’s only motivation for fighting a killer like Rousey would obviously be the cash. There would be a pile of it on the table and the teen mom usually needs some bail money for her repeated run-ins with the authorities. She often times even fails drug tests during court when she knows the tests are coming. So maybe the biggest hurdle to this fight actually becoming a reality, is Jenelle’s mental stability. I am not sure if the sanctioning body of Nevada allows crazy people to engage in MMA fights.

The biggest pay off for this cage match between Rousey and Jenelle Evans would go to the American public. The USA has seen some tough times in the last six or seven years. The economy is still a grind and our young generation appears to have no direction or motivation. This PPV fight could bring in half a billion dollars if it is promoted properly. Even more importantly, it could show kids that hard work and having class actually pays off. It would be a battle between good and evil in my eyes. Good, being Ronda Rousey, who with hard work, discipline, respect for her craft, and a drive to be something better, has reached the top of her profession. Evil, being Jenelle, who with no talent, no work ethic, no self control, no motivation, and no clue, has somehow risen to a small level of fame. Seeing ‘good’ pummel ‘evil’ into a bloody mess would be good for the young generation in the USA. Maybe it would wake them up from the false promise of government checks, reality TV idiocy, and possibly get them off the couch to find a job or hit the gym.