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Michael Phelps Breaks Both Legs In Motorcycle Accident

empire-sports-michael-phelps-accident-motorcycle-truck-wreck-dead-brokenBALTIMORE, Maryland-

Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps was involved in a motorcycle accident today which resulted in both of his legs being broken.

According to witnesses, Phelps was ran off of the highway by a merging taco truck which cut in front of his Harley motorcycle.  Police say that the taco truck was at fault but Phelps was speeding when the accident happened.

Phelps is in the hospital with two broken legs, a broken left arm, and a dislocated left shoulder. Doctors say Phelps will be able to walk again but might not be able to recover to his full potential.

The taco truck driver is slightly injured but his taco truck is totaled. When Phelps gained consciousness at the hospital he said “Does Maryland support medical marijuana cause I could totally get stoned to take my mind off this pain”.

The company that owned the truck, “Poco’s Loco Tacos”, apparently did not have insurance but has offered Phelps a lifetime of free tacos.