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Erin Andrews Suspended From Fox Sports; Forced To Finish High School

empire-sports-erin-andrews-suspended-fox-news-espn-fired-high-school-sex-tape-diplomaAccording to sources, Fox Sports mannequin Erin Andrews will take a leave of absence in order to study for her high equivalency diploma. Although her position requires no intelligence or expertise whatsoever, Andrews believes adding a GED to her portfolio will make her more marketable. Clearly, very little thought has gone into the matter.

Andrews was, of course, stripped of her high school diploma and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida in 2004 when it was revealed she received passing grades from teachers and professors in exchange for sexual favors. She was subsequently hired by ESPN the same year. Many insiders believe she used Chris Berman’s infamous casting couch to procure a position with the all sports network.

“They don’t call him Boomer for nothing,” said analyst Tom Jackson. “Erin was hired after her first ‘interview’ with Chris, and was still walking with a conspicuous limp several days later.” (It is rumored that commentator Skip Bayless was hired under similar circumstances.)

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Fox executive said this of Andrews: “We all had her, even the guys who didn’t have anything to do with her next promotion. This is one woman willing to do anything to get on TV… and then some.”

Embarrassed by the scandal, Andrews went public and, during an emotional press conference, admitted that, despite graduating from high school and college, she had never learned to read or write.

Inspired by her inexplicable popularity, Andrews received Cosmopolitan magazine’s “Against All Odds” award, and was praised for “making her mark in a man’s profession despite an obvious inability to think coherently and form intelligible sentences.” Andrews would later serve as the focus of an article entitled, “How to Sleep Your Way to the Top.”

It is a well-known television industry secret that Andrews worked as a high-priced call-girl while at the U of F in order to pay her way through college. Perhaps it was this sordid chapter of her life that motivated Erin to become a spokesperson for the “Leaving the Life” foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing normalcy to the lives of former prostitutes.

Tutors for Andrews report she is close to mastering her ABCs, and is scheduled to begin addition and subtraction lessons next week.

The Curious Case of Ersan Ilyasova

empire-sports-Ersan-Ilyasova-suspensionMilwaukee, Wisconsin-

The news of Ersan Ilyasova being suspended for one game really comes as a blow for his fans. Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Ersan Ilyasova has been suspended without pay for one game and he would miss the Buck’s Friday night road game which has to be played against the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center. He has been slapped with the suspension without pay because he punched Sacramento Kings forward Reggie Evans in his stomach during the game between Bucks and Kings on March 5th at Harris Bradley Center while there were 5:40 minutes remaining to the game which resulted in Milwaukee’s Bucks loss by 116-102.

The suspension was officially announced by NBA on same day after the game. Though the incident can be taken as an accident during the game play but a look through another aspect depicts the incident as a deliberate act. During the game, while a shot was being taken, Ilyasova did swing his right hand with closed fist which hit Evan’s stomach and then he even went ahead and used both arms and shoved Evans to the court. During the game, this incident resulted in a loose ball foul only on Ilyasova because the referees were subtle in their approach and took this incident as a solo act and thought that Ilyasova may have just lost mind for a second. But the irony is that the disciplinary team of NBA took it otherwise once they rechecked the video footage of the game and handled things seriously. After the internal discussion during a meeting, they publically announced that Ilyasova is suspended without pay for the next game.

This deliberate act proved to be the wrath for the Milwaukee’s Bucks and Kings kept on with their advantage of the score over them i.e. 116-106 and won the game. The game was powered majorly by the stars of the day Point Guard Isaiah Thomas, Center DeMarcus cousins and Rudy Gay.

After the news of Ilyasova’s suspension, there were many speculations and talks going around about the actual reason for the momentarily aggression which turned out to be huge loss for the whole team. People are debating over the reason and terming it as a result of the peaking frustration, a weak moment or even some other reasons which remain undisclosed.

The fans are really not happy with the NBA’s decision and hope the suspension is revoked before the game.