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Stone Cold Steve Austin Overdoses On Meth

empire-sports-stone-cold-steve-austin-overdose-meth-hospitalAUSTIN, TEXAS

Reports of wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin overdosing on meth has hit the air today. Austin, a familiar face in the wrestling community is known for being a wild card in the ring, which has brought along a huge fan base for him. In his prime, he would talk cans of beer and chug them before, and during his matches.

Now, that may have been an act to get the crowd fired up, but what has happened to him recently is no publicity stunt. Austin was found in his Texas house by a neighbor early Monday morning. His body was still, and his face was purple, claims the neighbor.

“I thought at first he was sleeping, I was going to give him a stunner as a joke, but once I smacked him around to wake him up, I realized he wasn’t playing around” said the neighbor

“I never knew about this demon he carried around, it is hard to tell if he is being Steve, or Stone Cold from time to time. The fact is when I found him his face was stone cold, but not in the way his fans would have liked to see him.”

It has been reported that Austin is making a full recovery, and has been looking to God for guidance. It is unclear if Austin will enter rehab, or continue his career as a wrestler. Sources have told us that for now he will remain in the hospital until further examinations are taken.

For now, Austin has not spoken to many people, and wants to be left alone with his bible. It is unknown what chapter he keeps reading, but some have a feeling that it may be John 3:16.