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Dog Killing Debuts As New Sport In 2014 Winter Olympics

SOCHI, RUSSIA —  Dog lovers, you may want stop reading now, or find a puppy to hug.   Reports out of Russia have surfaced that the Russian government has created a sick new sport.

Over the course of several years, the city of Sochi, Russia has seen the population of stray dogs increasing rapidly.  They can be seen on almost every corner; manged and mangled and begging for scraps from passers-by. Most residents have learned to ignore the animals but, with the Olympics drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors the city has looked for ways to deal with the stray population.

Enter Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President is an avid hunter and, by all accounts, quite the sick f***.  Last week it was revealed that Putin had announced a plan to deal with the stray dog population by adding a new sport to the 2014 Winter Olympics; Dog Shooting.

According to the Russian Olympic Committee website, the sport will involve releasing a number of dogs onto a field while competitors attempt to shoot as many as they can.  It is a timed event and the competitors earn points based on their total successful hits within the allotted time.

Fun for Russian hunters, maybe, but maddening to most Americans and many animal rights activists who have taken to the streets of Sochi to protest.

Needless to say, this sick new sport will not be televised in America.