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Toronto Boy Plans To Become First Male Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast

empire-sports-first-male-rythmic-gymnastics-olympics-canada-teamTORONTO—  If you saw Toronto’s Leo Sung Li you would have no idea what his Olympic dream would be. If you were given a hint about it having to do with gymnastics you may guess rings or possibly vaulting.
Sung Li, 17, is a male rhythmic gymnast.
“I am very good with the hoops and ball but have always enjoyed building routines with the ribbons.”
While it is not all that uncommon to see males compete in the junior level in rhythmic gymnastics, there are never any who go beyond that point as the Olympic Games will only allow females to compete in the sport.
“It is unfair of the IOC to prevent young boys such as myself from being able to move to the next level with a sport we have loved all our lives.”
Sung Li’s trainer and coach, Valeri Spetakus, says they have hatched a plan to get Sung Li to the Olympics without bending the rules or causing much concern from the IOC.
“We look at sex change,” Spetakus said with a heavy accent.
“Sung Li has the talent. He just needs an adjustment of his equipment to qualify. If that is sex change, then sex change it will be.”
The 17-year old gymnast agrees with the idea.
“I have no worries about it as I know I can win the gold but cannot do it as a boy. I have to be transformed into a girl in order to make my dream come true.”
When the suggestion was made that this seemed to be more than an extreme makeover, Spetakus explained it has been a common practice in some European countries.
“You ever look at East German women’s teams? They are not all women. Well, they didn’t all start that way. This I am sure.”
Sung Li says he’s okay with changing his name from Leo to Leona and says he’s rarely called by his name anyway.
“I am known as Feather or Lightfoot as I am so graceful when I perform my routines.”
The IOC was unavailable for comment.

Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend V. Stiviano Born A Man

LOS ANGELES, California – empire-sports-v-stiviano-born-a-man-adams-apple-stupid-visor-donald-sterling

In yet another development to a story that has captivated the world of sports over the last week, it has recently been speculated that amid all the other controversy, V. Stiviano, the girlfriend of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was born a man.

Stiviano, 31, recently appeared with Barbara Walters on a 20/20 special, where she commented that she didn’t believe that Sterling, 81, was a racist, but that he should apologize for his comments. Comments, by the way, that were made to Stiviano in private, and that she herself leaked to the press. During this interview, Barbara Walters avoided asking Stiviano about rumors of a sex change, despite it being the one question everyone was hoping she’d ask.

“I knew V when she was still a he,” said a friend of Stiviano’s who wishes to remain anonymous. “Back then, V went by the name T, as in Thomas. To be honest, I’m really surprised that no one ever brought this up before. It wasn’t until the 20/20 interview a couple days ago that people started really questioning it. When the cameras are that close, it’s hard to not see the high, manly cheekbones, chiseled jawline, and Adam’s Apple.”

The 20/20 interview was the first time that Stiviano had commented publicly on the whirlwhind controversy that has erupted since she leaked tapes of her boyfriend, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, to the press, early last week.

Since the firestorm, Stiviano had been seen in public wearing a ridiculous visor to cover her face. Reports are that she is wearing the visor so there are less pictures of her surfacing on the internet, where they are being scrutinized for her extremely ugly and manly features. The visor is purportedly made of old CDs that looked are part of band Daft Punk’s leftover costumes.

“I don’t feel any remorse for her, him, whatever.” Continued the anonymous friend. “V caused all this drama by leaking the tapes, and we’re supposed to feel so bad for her, feel so sorry…and now she has to wear a mask in public like one of Michael Jackson’s bastard children? Please. People who are scrutinized in that way usually deserve it.”

EmpireSports spoke with a plastic surgeon, who did not treat Stiviano, to discuss whether such drastic changes could be made to alter a man’s physical features, to the point that have fooled nearly everyone for years.

“Oh, it is absolutely possible. There are things you can’t get rid of. That blatant Adam’s Apple, for example.” Said Dr. Jeremiah Klein, of Klein Kosmetic Kare, in Los Angeles. “Cosmetic surgery, though, is generally limited only by the imagination. The one thing I’m sure people are wondering though, is how Donald Sterling didn’t know about this. It must have been a hell of surprise that first night he went out and cheated on his wife with Ms. Stiviano.”

“I tend to think that Sterling was just money to V,” said the friend. “The dude is like 80 years old, but mighty rich. Relationships like that are always for show, you know? If, on the other hand, he did get down and dirty in there, that might be a whole other news story that hasn’t hit yet…If you know what I mean.”

So far, neither Sterling, Stiviano, or Sterling’s probably extremely pissed-off wife, Rochelle Sterling, have commented on the situation.


Terrell Owens Planning To Get Sex Change Opperation

empire-sports-terrell-owens-sex-change-operationLOS ANGELES, California—

One of the most decorated wide receivers to play in the National Football League is going under the knife this weekend in LA. Wide receiver Terrell Owens will be getting a potential sex change, that quote “I’ve wanted this since I was a little boy”.

Owens who had a colorful 16 seasons in the NFL, will be making this announcement public after the procedure. Luckily, TO was kind enough to sit down with us, and explain why he is choosing to do this.

“It is just something I want done, I think I would feel more comfortable as a lady” said Owens

We asked him towards the end of your season you bounced around a lot from team to team, and kind of fell out of the spotlight, is this a strange way to get noticed again?

“Not at all, I’ve wanted this since I was a little boy” said Owens

We continued to ask him if his sexuality was a part of this, and if he was homosexual.

“Not at all, I’ll continue to see ladies once the surgery is complete. I am not gay, and never had gay thoughts before in my head. The closest I’ve ever been to being gay was playing for the Dallas Cowboys, but that was mainly because Romo was tossing to me.”

After the surgery will you continue to call yourself Terrell Owens?

“I’ am not positive about my new identity, but my name will no loner be Terrell Owens. I want to be a strong black women like Michelle Obama or Venus Willams. I need to come up with a powerful name that will show my dominance.”

Owens did not remark on how his fellow teammates, and family felt about the decision, but did say that no matter what happens to him next, he is ready for it.



Teddy Bridgewater Undergoes Sex Change Operation; Vows To Be First Female To Play In NFL.

Future first round NFL Draft pick, Teddy Bridgewater, undergoes sex change

LOUISVILLE, KY — Last year Lauren Silberman made history as she became the first female participant in an NFL-sponsored tryout.  Today, we have reports that we may see the first female to play in the NFL and that female will likely be drafted in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft.

Tamika Bridgewater, AKA Teddy Bridgewater, underwent a successful gender reassignment surgery today at the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery.

Bridgewater, once considered the top pick in the upcoming draft, had seen his draft stock falling steadily in the last few weeks . There’s speculation among experts that Bridgewater’s draft stock could actually improve now as many NFL General Managers fear backlash from women’s rights groups if they pass on Bridgewater simply because of his new gender.

Bridgewater released a statement earlier this morning stating, “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Since I was a kid I’ve felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

We spoke with Dr. Sherman Leis, who performed the surgery,  just hours after the surgery and he confirmed that the surgery was a success stating, “The surgery went very smoothly. The only balls Teddy, er Tamika, will be carrying now will be footballs.”

Fellow players and celebrities have hit to Twitter to share their feeling: