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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wants To Penalize Sacks

Empire-Sports-Roger-GoodellNEW YORK, NY-

If you think the recent trend in NFL rules changes to improve player safety have been killing football you unfortunately haven’t seen anything yet.

I remember a few years ago seeing a sack mistakenly called roughing the passer in an NFL game.  According to a source inside the NFL, who wishes to remain anonymous, if Roger Goodell gets his way this will be an actual penalty, although not a personal foul.

This newest idea on how to protect football’s most important position is sure to stir quite a bit of controversy.

What Mr. Goodell wants is for a sack to be a ten yard spot foul that results in a gain for the offense, but does not negate the play. If this proposed rule is implemented a sack for a loss of five yards on first down would give offenses a second and five to work with instead of having to go fifteen yards in the next two plays. He also wants to put in a standard five thousand dollar fine in conjunction with the penalty. This makes me wonder whether Mr. Goodell believes offensive players have any responsibility to look out for their own safety. I also fear for what this rule change would do in changing the game to.

Even if the proposed rule is shot down, which I hope and pray happens, the fact that this is even being considered reveals how much the game may change in an attempt to avoid future lawsuits under the topic of player safety.