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Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Arrested After Berating Police Officer

Seattle, Washington – empire-sports-richard-sherman-arrested-berating-police-officer

Seattle Seahawks’ corner back Richard Sherman is in the spotlight again, but this time it isn’t for a great play, or slamming an opposing team. One of the best defensive players in the NFL today has found himself off the field and behind bars after an argument with a local police officer on Wednesday evening.

Sherman is known for his cockiness on the field, and a vocabulary that can only be described as “trash-talk.” His passion on the field often carries over to the after-game interviews, and he is the type of player Seahawks fans either love, or love to hate.

Despite his reputation for attitude within the NFL, witnesses to Sherman’s altercation with a Seattle police officer were shocked by his behavior.

“It was like he just picked off Peyton in the Super Bowl, and ran it back for a touchdown or something. His cockiness was at an all time high!” Said Curt Johnson, a bystander to the incident.

Sherman’s problems arose when a police officer witnessed him jaywalking, and gave him a warning not to do it again. The officer later admitted that he wasn’t so much worried about the jaywalking law in Seattle, but the fact that it was a busy street and Sherman could have been hurt, as several pedestrians have been hit by cars in the same area over the last few months.

“He asked me if I knew who he was, and I said of course, I’m a huge fan.” Said Patrolman Mike Stephens. “[Sherman] then continued to say, ‘Then you know that I own [expletive] Seattle, and any [expletive] street I want to cross I can, no matter where I decide to [expletive] cross it.'”

Stephens apparently tried to apologize, and explain to Sherman that he was just doing his job, and that Sherman’s celebrity status in the city did not give him the right to curse anyone.

“He told me that I was a terrible police officer, and said I should just go eat some [expletive] donuts.” Said Officer Stephens. “He went off on me about how he was doing better in life than I was, and said that I shouldn’t even watch a Seattle game again, because I didn’t deserve to witness the ‘greatness’ that was him on a football field.”

Sherman was arrested and charged with jaywalking and disorderly conduct towards a police officer in the course of his duty. Representatives for Sherman could not be reached for comment at press time.

Forget Richard Sherman, Leon Sandcastle Gets Thrown Into The Debate

leon-sandcastle-roger-goodellOver the last week many have fought about who exactly is the best cornerback in the league. The war flared once Richard Sherman made the statement that he was the best corner in the league after the NFC Championship game in Seattle. During all of this, many corners have been able to respond that they too are the best corner in the league. Leon Sandcastle broke his silence just an hour ago after being declared missing for over one year after the 2013 NFL draft where he was selected first overall from the Kansas City Chiefs. Sandcastle signed with the Denver Broncos Sunday morning, and already has been added to the Papa John’s commercials. Sandcastle is looking to be a nice help as Denver coach John Fox said ” He reminds me of Deion Sanders, just a little more ugly”. Leon Sandcastle was asked what will he do to help the Broncos win and replied with, ” I can play all positions, kick a 70 yarder, and throw the ball further than the size of Collin Knapernick’s nose, I’m primetime”.  In recent news, many have been dishearten to the recent report of Deion Sanders declared missing this morning in Hawaii. The Pro Bowl has been delayed as the search for Sanders is in progress across all of Hawaii.

Richard Sherman On His Fine

imagesRichard Sherman was fined by the league earlier this week and he has made the following comments in a news conference:

“You’re fining me?!?!?! Im the best corner in the game! You should fine Crabtree for being so damn sorry.”

Sherman was fined again for his comments in the news conference.

Roger Goodell was thinking about suspending him for the Super Bowl but the Seattle Seahawks owner bribed Goodell with an ounce of marijuana and Goodell lifted the suspension and suspended Ndamukong Suh instead for no apparent reason.