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Lebron James To Sign With Dallas Cowboys and Leave NBA After Season Ends


In 1993 the sports world was stunned when the best player in the NBA, possibly the best player of all time, retired from basketball to pursue a career in baseball.  He wasn’t the first player to do so but Michael Jordan was surely the biggest star to try it.

It’s a question that many top athletes have, “can I succeed in a different game?” and it’s one that many have tried.  Bo Jackson, Deion Sander, Donovan McNabb, the list goes on,  but none as popular as Jordan have followed suit.. until now.

News broke this afternoon that a source close to Lebron James has revealed that he has signed a deal with the Dallas Cowboys and plans to leave the NBA after this season.

The source said Lebron, “felt that he had accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish” and that it’s been a dream of his to play in the NFL.  “Lebron wants to try the NFL and with an offer from the Cowboys on the table it’s something he couldn’t pass up.  The NBA will be waiting if it doesn’t work out but if he doesn’t take this opportunity he would regret it forever.”

The source confirmed that James will finish out this season with Miami and does hope to end with a third ring.

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones responded to the news in a phone interview shortly after news broke. “I am extremely excited that Lebron [James] has decided to play for us. He was, undeniably, a great basketball player, but I believe he can be just as great as a football player.”

There were many happy people in Dallas when the Cowboys landed this basketball superstar. Tony Romo was definitely one of them. “I am unbelievably happy now that I can throw to Lebron! This is great! I will throw to him and Dez [Bryant] on every down!” Romo told us.

So how good will Bron Bron do in his move to football and the NFL? Will he get hurt facing a hard-hitting football team like perhaps the Seattle Seahawks? Can he even catch a football? How fast will he be with all those pads weighing him down? We will just have to wait and find out.