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67% of Prostitutes Still Willing To Date Donald Sterling According To Poll

empire-sports-donald-sterling-whores-prostitutes-money-v-stiviano-rich-survey-dateLOS ANGELES– A new poll out this morning shows some appalling results when it comes to morals in America these days. According to the phone survey conducted by Griffen Brothers Polling Stats Inc, a whopping 67% of whores would still date disgraced Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. The NBA owner was outed as an alleged racist and a general douche bag by TMZ recently. He was seemingly set up by his “assistant”, V. Stiviano, who recorded Sterling’s rant about her being photographed with black guys.

The poll was taken in light of the obvious nature of V. Stiviano’s sketchy relationship with the 80 year old Sterling. Stiviano is only 31, so I don’t need to elaborate on her reason for hanging with a guy who is half a century her elder. I don’t need to elaborate, but I will anyway. She is a whore lacking in morals, who has sex with super rich guys in the hopes of obtaining a portion of that wealth at some point in her disturbing future, allegedly.

The upsetting poll results show just how far many whores are willing to go to hit the lotto of old man pleasuring. One anonymous groupie from the ATL, told the pollsters that she did not care if Sterling was a racist. “All I care about is that cash homie. If I cared about morals, do you think I would be rubbing up on guys older than my great grandfather,” she stated. Another slut from Miami was quoted as saying, “If the worst thing that NBA owner did was say he disliked black people, then I am ok with that. He is a billionaire, so short of him killing a close member of my own family, I would still date him. And by date him, I mean have sex with him. And on a regular basis.”

There was a time in America that whores had a code. That time is gone forever I am afraid. Only 33% of responding harlots had the pride to take a stand against racism. That number will continue to dwindle until there is not one upstanding whore left in this great nation.

New Donald Sterling Tape Released; Sterling Calls Black People 3/5th Of A Person

empire-sports-donald-sterling-vanessa-stiviano-adam-silver-racist-rant-blacks-audio-sex-tapeLOS ANGELES-

Just hours after NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced a lifetime NBA ban of Donald Sterling his girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano, twisted the knife a little deeper as she released yet another audio tape in which Sterling can be heard saying that he thinks black people are only 3/5th of a human.

If there were any doubts that this old geezer was a full blown racist, this new tape will surely put those to rest. Some of the things that can be heard on the new audio are simply unbelievable.

Anyway, you can listen to Donald Sterling’s latest rant in it’s full glory here:

L.A. Clippers Owner Makes Confusingly Racist Comments; Rumors of Team Boycott

LOS ANGELES, California – 


Recently the world of professional basketball was turned upside down when audio of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling surfaced, berating his girlfriend for being seen in public with “black people.” Sterling’s girlfriend V. Stiviano posted a picture to Instagram of her with legendary NBA player Magic Johnson, and when Sterling saw the picture (which has since been removed), he had some heated words for Stiviano.

“It bothers me a lot that you’re associating with black people…do you have to?…You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want.  The little I ask you is not to promote it…and not to bring them to my games.”

The statements made by Sterling are confusing and ironic at best, because he appears to be forgetting that his girlfriend is half Mexican and half African-American herself. Also the fact that he is giving her permission to “sleep with black people”, yet disallows her to be seen in public with them, shows that there is a high possibility that Sterling may, in fact, be losing his mind.

“I’m just saying, in your lousy f**king Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people…Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me.  And don’t bring him to my games.” Sterling continued in the leaked audio.

There has been talk in the media of the idea that Sterling is just a pathetic old sad-sack; a relic-style racist who may or may not be mentally incompetent. At 81 years old, Sterling is in a mental throwback to a past time period rife with racist behaviors, and apparently confused about what decade it is currently. In his age bracket, he’s clearly right in the zone for Alzheimer’s, as well as other diseases that cause mental deterioration and, in this case, lack of common sense.

Mental incompetency is one possible explination for how he could be so extremely stupid as to make these insane and confusing comments. He’s apparently also blind to the fact that most of his team is made up of African-Americans, and they’re the ones bringing in all the money to continue lining his very old, very crusty pockets…pockets that are probably also lined with Werther’s Original candies. Old people love Werther’s.

With all the controversy arising so quickly, there is rumor of a possible picket or sit-in by the L.A. Clippers, with the team refusing to play until Sterling makes a public apology or is removed from his position by the NBA. An apology seems highly unlikely, though, as Sterling has showed no signs of remorse for the things he has said, past or present.

This is not the first time that Sterling has inflamed controversy with his racist behavior. As a building owner and landlord, Sterling has been sued twice in the past by the U.S. Federal Government for refusing to rent apartments or houses to African Americans and Latinos. He was also brought to court for racial discrimination by former Clippers executive Elgin Baylor, but a Grand Jury somehow found that situation to be without merit, and threw out the case. Reports that those Grandy Jury members are now kicking themselves in the ass have yet to be substantiated. 

As always happens during times of racist controversy, there are several big names who have weighed in on the subject via social media website Twitter, with the hashtag #Sterling trending. Sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann tweeted his thoughts: “time for #Clippers players to step up. Refuse to play till NBA moves against this racist jackass #Sterling. NBA can’t defend him.”

Many other people in the sports world have also levied their thoughts, including Meek Mill, Dominique Wilkins, and Magic Johnson himself, who said “It’s a shame that Donald Sterling feels that way about African-Americans… He has a team full of amazing African-American basketball players that are working to bring a championship to Clippers fans. The Clippers also have a strong minority fan base.”

No comment yet has been made by the NBA or Sterling himself.



Coach Krzyzewski Urged To Retire By Donors After Racist Remarks Toward Mercer Player

empire-sports-coach-k-mike-krzyzewski-racist-mercer-remarkDurham, North Carolina—

If losing to Mercer wasn’t bad enough, it just got worse for Duke. Evidently no one thought to watch out for possible rash actions by people affiliated with the Blue Devils, especially the head coach. I guess the next time they lose to a school that is only known for…. well nothing really, they will monitor the team’s online activities more closely afterward.

According to online witnesses, at about 12:15 AM on Friday night, a disturbing comment popped up on the YouTube video of Mercer guard, Kevin Canevari, dancing the “Nae Nae”. Now, for folks to consider a YouTube comment disturbing, it has to be bad, as those comments usually start off insulting, then get laced with profanity, and eventually turn racist or sexist. According to YouTube user “bitches_just_wanna_have_fun”, she was really shocked to see such hatred from a commenter about a fun-filled athlete celebration video.

Apparently a well-known hacker figured out the IP address of the commenter and low and behold it was coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K apparently thought he could remain anonymous, just by using a different user name. He is not a tech savvy teenager after all. We cannot share the exact comment in this article for fear of offending too many readers. But Coach K basically threatened to physically harm the Mercer player / dancer, Canevari, as well as immediate members of his family. Coach K went on to make several racist remarks because he apparently did not bother to watch the video and assumed the dance celebration was done by a black player? Krzyzewski, after being found out, said the only reason for the racist references were because he thought that was a prerequisite for posting a comment on YouTube.

This rumor of donors urging Coach Krzyzewski to step down after this embarrassing online incident will not go away. It is hard to imagine Duke losing their head basketball coach over a stupid YouTube video. But Duke has lost in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament twice in three years. So I guess anything is possible. Check out the video that started all this drama.

Old Spice Targets Black Athletes With New Fried Chicken Scented Body Spray

empire-sports-old-spice-chickenOld Spice is no stranger to outlandish marketing.  They are famous for creating some wacky, weird and, some might say, offensive commercials.  But recently the company has started targeting a new group by introducing a new line of products that many would consider somewhat racist.

In an attempt to capture a larger share of the young, African-American market, the company has borrowed some of the most popular black stereotypes and created an entire line of products.

Old Spice took heat recently for a new product they rolled out called Old Spice Watermelon Soap.  The company released an ad for the product that many claimed contained subtle, racist undertones.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the company leaked details of a new product planned for release this summer. The product?  Fried Chicken Body Spray.  That’s right.  The company has gone from racist undertones to downright, flat-out racist.

According to the company spokesman, Old Spice plans to release commercials for the new product in early Spring but backlash has already begun.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson released a statement calling Old Spice “downright despicable” and plans to fully boycott the company unless they stop production on the product.

Are these new products racist or not?  I guess the nation will decide soon.