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Hines Ward Possible Brother of Missing Malaysian Pilot

Could Hines Ward be related to Flight 370 Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah?
Hines Ward could be brother to Flight 370 Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah


On Monday former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward expressed concerns that he may be related to the pilot of missing Malaysian flight 370 after several of his familiy had sent photos of the pilot to him over the weekend.

Although the pilot , Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was a Malaysian citizen, family of Hines Ward believed that he could still be closely related.

“The resemblance is crazy!” said Ward in an interview yesterday. “My parents mentioned something about me having a brother from another father put up for adoption before I was born.  I really hope they find him alive so I can meet him one day.”

What’s even more crazy is that Hines is an avid pilot and has a flight simulator at his home.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah has been missing since his Boing 777 went missing on March 8th. The search for the plane is still ongoing.