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Old Spice Targets Black Athletes With New Fried Chicken Scented Body Spray

empire-sports-old-spice-chickenOld Spice is no stranger to outlandish marketing.  They are famous for creating some wacky, weird and, some might say, offensive commercials.  But recently the company has started targeting a new group by introducing a new line of products that many would consider somewhat racist.

In an attempt to capture a larger share of the young, African-American market, the company has borrowed some of the most popular black stereotypes and created an entire line of products.

Old Spice took heat recently for a new product they rolled out called Old Spice Watermelon Soap.  The company released an ad for the product that many claimed contained subtle, racist undertones.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the company leaked details of a new product planned for release this summer. The product?  Fried Chicken Body Spray.  That’s right.  The company has gone from racist undertones to downright, flat-out racist.

According to the company spokesman, Old Spice plans to release commercials for the new product in early Spring but backlash has already begun.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson released a statement calling Old Spice “downright despicable” and plans to fully boycott the company unless they stop production on the product.

Are these new products racist or not?  I guess the nation will decide soon.