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Roger Goodell Secretly Eying Exit Strategy; Planning NFL Retirement

NFL: Annual MeetingsNEW YORK CITY—

If anyone doubted the sincerity of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, when it comes to player safety, he appears to be walking the walk. Goodell has been advocating NFL player safety ever since head injuries came to the forefront a couple of years ago. He has implemented many new rules that he says are designed to protect the NFL workforce, however many cynics say the commish is just covering the NFL’s corporate ass against future litigation. The critics allege that Goodell is only putting on a dog and pony show to create the appearance of a safety conscious league.

Secret memos were uncovered this week that show just how serious Roger Goodell is about NFL player safety. These private papers reveal how the commissioner plans to quit his position in approximately 18 months. According to the details, Goodell thinks that will be just enough time for him to completely destroy the National Football League. Apparently all of the new rules implemented to protect the players are also supposed to “make the game so unwatchable that the common barbaric NFL fan simply finds something better to do with their free time”. “Closing down the NFL is the only real way to protect football players”, was stated in numerous memos. The papers make it clear that the commissioner never believed the safety rules would affect any real change.

This revelation does make practical sense when you really dig deeper. If a smart guy like Goodell really believed these hits aimed at players’ heads were so dangerous, why would he think penalties and fines would fix that problem? A flag will not reverse a concussion. A $25,000 fine will not undo the damage that will show up in the future. Clearly, Roger Goodell knows these rules are not the best thing for player safety. He, being a compassionate human being, knows that true player safety can only happen when football is no more. I for one applaud his act of kindness. It is taking some serious stones to walk away from his salary of $44 million  a year and destroy a 10 billion dollar a year corporation. I, for one, applaud Goodell for taking a stand for mankind no matter the financial cost to him or America at large. This country needs more altruistic people like Roger Goodell.