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Legalized Marijuana’s Impact On Football; High Times At Tailgate Parties

Empire-sports-marijuana-nfl-colorado-tailgateDENVER , CO –

Along with the great smell of hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks and ribs will be the overwhelming smell of Marijuana.

The legality of this substance will not only change the pregame festivities but also the attitude of the fans. Bronco’s fan Larry Smith said “This is gonna be wild, being high watching the game live, I hope I can stay awake ’till the end.”

Another thing to take into consideration is the 11th man performance. “I just hope their not in a stupor when we need them.”- Peyton Manning. The Broncos fans are usually in the top 5 generating noise but that could change drastically. Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Denver Broncos, Pat Bowlen has sent in a request to the NFL for some help with the rules concerning the possible crowd noise or lack thereof. “It’s just not fair to us that with our high altitude combined with half the fans being high, we will not have an 11th man at all.” “We will be the only team in the NFL with this problem.”

Topics that will be discussed will be the use of loud speakers to generate crowd noise, ways to keep the pot heads from entering the game (since it is legal in Colorado, it can be used outside the stadium) using drug sniffing dogs or nose swab testing each fan as they enter.

This whole thing has even more potential problems concerning halftime. The vendors are going to have to hire more workers and increase the amount of product they bring to sell. “This is going to turn out to be an eat-fest not a football game.”- Bronco fan
Vendor Jim Jones stated “I’m really excited about it, we will see at the first game, but we are going to be ready. I expect to double my profits!” When the munchies set in as they lose their high, it could be pandemonium in the concessions area.

Very long lines are expected, so much so that most of the heads will not make it back to their seats until the 4th quarter. At Denver and extended halftime may be in order.
That’s why they call it Mile High!