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Don King Admits To Being The Devil In Autobiography

empire-sports-don-king-admits-hes-devil-evil-boxing-promoter-book-2014NEW YORK—

Boxing headlines never cease to amaze me anymore. The sport has fallen so far over the past ten years, but every now and then a story comes out of the sport that makes you wonder. In a new autobiography set for release in late 2014, Don King admits that he is the devil himself. He is not being metaphoric in any way either. He states in the book that he “is the devil, vacations in hell, and intends to destroy the entire planet after he is finished dismantling the sport of boxing.” A bold statement from the wire haired freak indeed.

This news may not shock some boxing fans, as Don King has long been considered the bane of existence in the fight game. Some people in the media are not sure what to make of the admission. HBO boxing analyst, Max Kellerman has come out and questioned the sanity of King after hearing about this new book. “We all know that Don King is basically a dirtbag of a human being, but a supernatural evil doer? I can’t get on board with that theory. He may just need to check into a psych ward asap.” We contacted HBO’s other fight gurus as well, but Larry Merchant’s incoherent ramblings were unprintable. Likewise, Jim Lampley’s comments were so high brow and pretentious, they hardly belonged inside a boxing article.

There is a long list of former boxers that would believe this story outright. The fighters that have been screwed over allegedly by Don King are plentiful to say the least. Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes , and Terry Norris are just three guys who have sued King over what they saw as him cheating them out of money they were due. One story even alleges that King had chump change sent to an ailing Muhammad Ali in order to get him to sign a letter ending a million dollar lawsuit against the promoter. If the man could cheat ‘The Greatest’ out of that kind of cash, while Ali was in the hospital, then King may just be the devil. If he is not the devil, then he is likely a very highly ranked demon who is trying to cheat the devil out of his title.

Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Home Invader At Louisville Home

Enpire-sports-muhammad-ali-break-in-burglar-knocked-outLouisville, KY-

At 72 years of age, Muhammad Ali still packs a punch. Unfortunately for one not-so-lucky burglar, that punch happened to be directed at his face, which soon after was introduced to the wonderful craftsmanship of Ali’s Brazilian wood flooring.

Police responded to a report early Monday morning of an attempted robbery in the home of former boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

Ali reported that he was awoke from noise coming from inside his home.  When he got up to investigate he found an unknown man rummaging through his closets.  The man attempted to flee, but not before Ali landed a punch to the side of his face, knocking him to the floor.

The incident occurred a little after 3:00 a.m. at the Ali residence in the east end of Louisville, KY. When police arrived, the suspect had fled in a vehicle.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office searched the area, including with a tracking dog, but failed to find the suspect. Police said there is no risk to the public but gave no more details.

The suspect was described as a young white male in his early 20’s with short brown hair and a large dent in his face about the size of Muhammad Ali’s fist.