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Are They Who We Thought They Were? Top College Freshman Exit Early

empire-sports-andrew-wiggins-jabari-parker-draft-early-exit-ncaa-tournament-march-madnessThis past weekend two of the five prospects in this upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) draft were removed from the NCAA tournament. Andrew Wiggins, regarded as a phenomenal athlete coming out of high school, struggled this weekend against a subpar team in Stanford . While only going 1-4 on shooting and scoring four points, he seriously failed to meet spectator expectations. Given his early age of just nineteen, he does have to improve his skills as an undergraduate player, however NBA teams are looking for players who are ready now. This season Wiggens has not showed that he was a superstar or a true captain.

Further critics are wondering, “Was Jabari Parker an overall better scorer than Wiggens?” In my personal opinion the kid has a knack for scoring success. His biggest weakness lies in his capability to defend, which happens to be Wiggens strength. In the game against Mercer , Jabari scored 14 points on 4-14 on shooting but was subbed out because of his lackluster defense. It leads one to wonder if this is the type of player you want leading your franchise. He’s no Steve Nash defensively, but Parker is playing the best position in basketball his defense has to improve or he’ll just be another bust with hype.

The NBA often debilitates itself by bringing in younger men to play against their bigger, faster, stronger, and more seasoned counterparts. Most of these young men are pulled by the allure of large paychecks but end up losing their love for basketball. Only time will tell if these guys will succeed or if The NBA’s top ten will bust. It makes you wonder should the NBA move it’s age of letting players come into the NBA up so they can develop their game and get a better education.

The Curious Case of Ersan Ilyasova

empire-sports-Ersan-Ilyasova-suspensionMilwaukee, Wisconsin-

The news of Ersan Ilyasova being suspended for one game really comes as a blow for his fans. Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Ersan Ilyasova has been suspended without pay for one game and he would miss the Buck’s Friday night road game which has to be played against the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center. He has been slapped with the suspension without pay because he punched Sacramento Kings forward Reggie Evans in his stomach during the game between Bucks and Kings on March 5th at Harris Bradley Center while there were 5:40 minutes remaining to the game which resulted in Milwaukee’s Bucks loss by 116-102.

The suspension was officially announced by NBA on same day after the game. Though the incident can be taken as an accident during the game play but a look through another aspect depicts the incident as a deliberate act. During the game, while a shot was being taken, Ilyasova did swing his right hand with closed fist which hit Evan’s stomach and then he even went ahead and used both arms and shoved Evans to the court. During the game, this incident resulted in a loose ball foul only on Ilyasova because the referees were subtle in their approach and took this incident as a solo act and thought that Ilyasova may have just lost mind for a second. But the irony is that the disciplinary team of NBA took it otherwise once they rechecked the video footage of the game and handled things seriously. After the internal discussion during a meeting, they publically announced that Ilyasova is suspended without pay for the next game.

This deliberate act proved to be the wrath for the Milwaukee’s Bucks and Kings kept on with their advantage of the score over them i.e. 116-106 and won the game. The game was powered majorly by the stars of the day Point Guard Isaiah Thomas, Center DeMarcus cousins and Rudy Gay.

After the news of Ilyasova’s suspension, there were many speculations and talks going around about the actual reason for the momentarily aggression which turned out to be huge loss for the whole team. People are debating over the reason and terming it as a result of the peaking frustration, a weak moment or even some other reasons which remain undisclosed.

The fans are really not happy with the NBA’s decision and hope the suspension is revoked before the game.

New Study Shows That There Are Zero Milwaukee Bucks Fans

A stadium (half) full of pitiers and people there ironically
A stadium (half) full of pitiers and people there ironically

MILWAUKEE – According to a brand new study commissioned by the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks professional franchise does not claim even one single fan. The study, which took polls and survey’s from all across the country and concluded that nobody, not even the players families can call themselves a true fan of the team.

Even people that were at the stadium watched the games said things like:

“Oh god, these guys? Yeah it’s cool and everything but we’re here mostly because we feel bad. If we don’t watch them, who will?”

“Honestly, the only reason I come is because the concession stand in row 108 is unbelievable. Seriously, go try those chili cheese fries you will not be disappointed.”

One question that was used as a paramater was simply, “name a single player on the Milwaukee Bucks roster” Here were some of the responses:

Season ticket holder Jerry Ramon said, “Christ, on the spot? Uhh we just traded for a guy, maybe his name is… It begins with a B I swear, Bryan maybe, Bryan? Is there a Bryan?”

NBA Analyst Doris Burke provided this answer, “I have no clue. Truthfully, if you wouldn’t of reminded me there was a team in Wisconsin I would’ve never, ever, EVER, remembered.”

Even Bucks General Manager Jeff Hammond was hard pressed to think of a player on his team, “We drafted somebody this year, I was just at his house for a barbecue too… Real nice guy. I can see his face but I can’t put a name to it. Nope, sorry.”

When we finally got ahold of NBA Commissioner David Stern’s office to ask about possible relocation, a spokesperson gave us the following statement:

“While we understand that there are cities out there like St. Louis, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and of course Seattle, that could do a much better job with a franchise, we wouldn’t want to burden anyone with the pure boredom that is the Milwaukee Bucks roster.”