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Survey: Men Afraid To Fantasize About Ronda Rousey

empire-sports-ronda-rousey-poll-scary-afraid-men-sex-nudeA new poll, out this week, had some surprising results that say a lot about modern day American men. Apparently men in modern society, here in the good ole’ USA, are incapable of even having imaginary intercourse with Ronda Rousey. The poll conducted by Robertonson Pollsters Inc, found that a mere 39% of American males under the age of 40 were courageous enough to have fantasies about the uber-hot UFC womens bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey. That means that 61% of the young men surveyed admitted that they were too afraid to even have lustful thoughts about Rousey for fear of being physically hurt during the fantasy. Irrational fear is evidently not good for men’s libido.

This new information, while on the surface seems surprising, is actually a reflection of today’s society in America. We talked to psychologist, Dr. Ethol Ridenall, who backed up the findings of the survey. She did not find it shocking at all that American males were mentally frightened by a fierce female fighter like Rousey. “Young men in the United States have been domesticated by the culture to the point where they are almost a different species from a male in the early 1900’s. Long gone are the bar fighting, hard working, Budweiser drinking brutes of decades past. These real men have been replaced by fake tough guy acting(as seen on reality TV), no-job-having, Bud Light drinking, docile creatures we somehow continue to refer to as men”.

Another expert we spoke to about the subject of the Rousey poll talked at length about the negative effects from Facebook and other social media on today’s men. Ted Mustevey, a writer for Social Media Hourly, said that most modern men under 40 cannot fathom speaking to a girl face to face unless they have “talked” on Facebook already. “These guys have a phone hooked to their faces 24/7, so physical interaction is very different and scary for them. Texting has replaced talking to females on the phone, much less having a real life conversation over lunch. It is really to the point of a phobia with these already weak minded males”.

This new information is not exactly going to raise our county’s status around the world. It is down right disheartening and it is no wonder Viagra is so popular. Buy some stock in the little blue pill if you can. Evidently the demand is going to increase, as men need it not only for reality sex but also the imaginary variety.


History is Made With the First Male Vs. Female UFC Fight

empire-sports-mma-ufc-male-vs-female-coed-fight-mixed-sexChicago, Illinois-

One of the most entertaining, hard hitting sports, is bringing another aspect to the octagon that will have fans freaking out. The UFC runs a tight ship when it comes to there professional fights with weight classes, referees, and measures to make sure that their fighters are as safe as possible, even though it is their job to beat each other up.

The question is will their next stunt be one to break them or make them? it has been announced for the first time ever in UFC history that a male fighter will be facing a female fighter in months to come. The fighters have yet to be announced, but the contract is a go, and the fight will take place in Chicago, Illinois.

“I’ve seen the female fighters really making some great moves in the octagon, and the ratings for their fights have been going up, and up since we started that branch of the UFC.” said Dana White

“My team and I have decided to take it to the next level, and see if some of these ladies can compete against the men. If all goes like planned the first Co-Ed fight will take place in Chicago.”

Rules and regulations will be switched up for the fight, to make sure that neither fighter will get hurt, or hurt the other opponent to the point of serious damage. A few names have been spoken, but the official bout has yet to be determined, or at least made public.

“I’ll tell you one thing, if a female fighter knocks out a male fighter, it will prove that women belong in this sport. I watch some of my girl fighters, and I am blown away by there fighting skills, so when the idea was pitched to me I had no hesitation to go ahead with the bout.” said White

Miesha Tate Chokes Taylor Swift In Backstage Altercation

empire-sports-miesha-tate-chokes-taylor-swift-jabbawockeez-dance-concert-vegas-luxorMiesha Tate made new fans on Saturday evening as she showed up at a JABBAWOCKEEZ performance at the Luxor Las Vegas and made her way on stage, putting her dance moves on display.

But what happened after the show may gain her a whole new fanbase and, possibly, a new list of enemies.

It was reported today that one Taylor Swift also happened to have been at the same show and was getting, according to several sources, loud and obnoxious backstage shortly after the JABBAWOCKEEZ had finished their performance.

Swift apparently had no clue who Tate was or that she was a professional fighter as several eye-witnesses reported the young pop star was getting more than a little wordy with the UFC veteran.

“I don’t know if Taylor was drunk or what but I looked over and she was in Miesha’s face,” said Branden Bishop, a bartender at the Luxor.  “That’s about the time Miesha grabbed Taylor’s neck.  I was thinking that Taylor was about to get her ass kicked but Miesha was just trying to get her out of her face.”

Several crew members for the JABBAWOCKEEZ grabbed Swift and helped calm her down.

“We have no idea why Taylor was so upset at Miesha or if she was just drunk or something,” said one crew member. “But we had to step in because that’s not a battle she would have won.”

“The whole thing is crazy,” said Kevin “KB” Brewer of the JABBAWOCKEEZ. “Because Taylor Swift seems like the most innocent and sweet person on the planet but she looked liked she was possessed.”