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New Animal Fighting Ring Exposed; Police May Question Michael Vick

DECATUR, Alabama – michael-vick-animal-fights-police-sphynx-hairless-cats-new-york-jets

On late Thursday evening, a police raid on a trailer park in Decatur, Alabama exposed an animal fighting ring composed entirely of Sphynx, commonly known as hairless cats. Police had been surveilling the park for several weeks, based on the tip of a former occupant who said that his neighbor was running Sphynx fights out of his basement.

“This underground Sphynx ‘league,’ as it was called, was brought to our attention at the end of last month.” Said Cpt. Logan Picard of the Decatur Animal Control Task-force. “We had been watching and waiting for the best opportunity to swoop in and take down these low-lives. We had two officers undercover in the operation, both of whom had made separate deals to enlist their hairless cats into the fighting arenas.”

Picard says that hairless cats were used because it was easier to hide evidence of animals fights if there wasn’t any fur flying all over the place. “The scene was intense. No fur on these creepy cats, but plenty of dry, old skin and blood everywhere. Imagine your grandmother’s feet after she scrapes them with a PedEgg – that’s what the floor of this basement looked like.”

This is not the first time that a major animal fighting ring was exposed. In 2007, New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick was charged and convicted of running a dog-fighting ring out of his home; fights that had been happening multiple times over a 5-year period. Although this current ring does not seem to be connected to Vick, police may question him on the basis of his “expertise” in the subject of animal cruelty and fights.

“We have contacted representatives for Michael Vick, as we would like to speak with him about this Sphynx situation. We do not believe that he is in any way connected to the fights we thwarted this week, but as he is the only person I can think of who knows anything about animal fights, his expertise on the matter is invaluable. We have reason to believe that this Sphynx cat-fighting ring is just the tip of an animal fighting ring iceberg that may include multiple parties and fights happening in several states.” said Picard.

Cpt. Picard went on to state that in the investigation, his team came to believe that several big-name players in the animal fighting world were keeping their eye on the Sphynx fights, waiting to see if it was lucrative enough to bring it into the world of “major league” animal fighting. Picard said that in recent years, research has shown that animal fights staged for money have increased dramatically. Aside from the normal dog and cock fights most people are aware of from news and media, there are also fights staged with squirrels, donkeys, monkeys, iguanas, turtles, baby giraffes, frogs, pigs, and bats.

“The last one is definitely the hardest to control. You really need that one to happen indoors.” Said Picard.

Although police have not yet released the names of any of the major players involved in these animal fighting rackets, there has been speculation by the media that the police reaching out to Vick may mean that they are thinking the fights are being set up by other big-name sports athletes.

“We are not saying, at this time, who we feel may be involved. That information will come after the arrests.”

Michael Vick is currently the quarterback for the New York Jets, and was voted the 2010 Comeback Player of the Year after being release by his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, and serving 21 months in a federal prison for his guilty plea in relation to the dog fights.

Michael Vick Inks Deal With Cleveland; Welcome To The Dog Pound

empire-sports-michael-vick-cleveland-browns-dog-poundCleveland, Ohio –

Desperate for a new signal caller, the Cleveland Browns are looking to fill their need with a controversial quarterback.

The Browns had shown interest in finding a new quarterback for some time now. Weeden had not cut it and Hoyer could not do much help as he struggled to recover from injury.

Most people expected Cleveland to use pick number 4 on a franchise QB this season. Now, news out of Cleveland is confirmed that the Browns have signed ex-Falcon Michael Vick to a 5 year 20 million dollar deal.

Browns GM,  Ray Farmer, has stated that they still may consider drafting a QB but Vick will help fill an immediate need.

Michael Vick, who has a past with Dog fighting, will now be part of the ‘dog pound’.

There have already been a small group of fans protesting on the streets of the stadium before the police had to kindly ask them to take it somewhere else.

Vick’s agent believes the fans will buy into the new Vick, and this could be a step in the right direction as Vick tries to sell his new dog lover image while Ray Farmer believes these are the types of moves the Browns must take to finally get back on top.

Today, several big names around the NFL have commented on the news.

“Why would I care? I just want to focus on my own team right now.” – Joe Flacco

“Good for Vick, can’t wait to duel it out vs them.” – Ben Roethlisberger

“I don’t care who their quarterback is. Either way we are just going to sweep them.” – Andy Dalton

“Well who ever the quarterback is we’ll make sure to watch plenty of film and make sure we are ready.” – John Harbaugh

“I feel I could of been better last season. I’ll make sure to keep trying for improvement, and hope that if Vick starts that he earned it.” – Brandon Weeden

Michael Vick Wins Westminster Dog Show

Shark and room mate Rose in background at Micheal Vick's training facility in Kentucky
Shark and room mate Rose in background at Micheal Vick’s training facility in Kentucky

New York, NY-

Secluded in the back of the dark bowels of the Westminster Kennel club waits a long shot. Micheal Vick’s pride and joy. She in no means was ever projected to make it past the first round of the WKC’s 2013 Competition. Her name is Shark, a 6 year old Black Mouth Cur. She was as Mike would say “a woman trapped in a mans body”. She stands about 2.5 feet with muscles like she is on steroids, with a weight of 80 lbs. and 0% body fat. “Has she ever been in a fight” one onlooker asked. “No but I would feel sorry for the other dog” Mike said. Mike went on to say that the Black Mouth Cur breed is not AKC registered…yet. He was allowed to get her in due to a special allocation in 2013 that allows 2 dogs maximum of undetermined breeds. These dogs although not AKC defined are in fact a breed. Started in the 1940’s,hunters in the south wanted a good scent dog with stamina and aggressiveness. Mike went on to tell us about the lineage of the Cur breed. “There are a few different Cur breeds beside the Black Mouth, the Catahoula, Mountain Cur and a few others.” “The best hunting dogs you can get for wild hogs, coyote, squirrels, you name it they can hunt it.”

Vick, who began dog training classes back in March of 2013, was actually the handler wearing the unusually “un-Mike” clothing. White dress shirt, Black suit and some lame looking black pay-less dress shoes. “You have to wear what they tell you to wear, and I’m just following the rules here.” “I’m a little embarrassed but if my dog gets a win I’m all for it!”

Vicks Winter Rescue Shelter

Mike and Shark made a beautiful run past the judges with the crowd holding their breath. Once done the crowd gave them a standing ovation that lasted 10 minutes which did not please the judges who seemed a little pissed. Waiting at their position as the main judge passed to select the top 5 dogs, the crowd was on the edge of their seats. #5 was Shark and selected, the crowd went crazy! Another 5 minutes of cheering had to be stopped by the judges due to time constraints.

The final had to be delayed due to a Shark encounter that took out the #1 dog with a neck wound. Due to the rules and codes of the WKC, “Any contestant who bites another contestant will not be penalized in any form or fashion due to their accidental discharge of aggression.” The #1 dog happened to be owned by Mike Tyson and was the instigator in this drama.

Shark moved into #4 and moving into the #5 slot was a mangy Toy Poodle. As the final went down the head judge gave the dogs the sinister look they give, concentrating on every aspect of the dog, doing a mind warp on the dogs psyche, starring them in the eyes, picking up scents that the dogs give off, basking in their big time limelight. Boom, #5 goes first, then #3,then #2. Down to #1 and Shark, the judge comes up and does a pat down, looks them both in the eyes and is somewhat mesmerized by by both dogs. He stumbles back to his voting area with the crowd holding their breath again….he’s a little wobbly then all of the sudden he points to Shark! The dark-horse wins it and the crowd goes bonkers and storms the turf, the dogs go wild and it’s complete chaos. No serious injuries but many spectators were bitten by the dogs due to their fight/flee instinct.

Congrats to Mike and his dog and the work done for dogs in all of the rescue preserves he provides across the US.