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Max Aaron Comes Out; First Openly Straight Figure Skater

P&G & Wal-Mart "Tribute to American Legends of the Ice"The inspirational story of Michael Sam, who has vowed to become the first openly gay player in the NFL, has open the doors for others. His story has given courage to other athletes around the country to step out from behind their masks.

Yesterday Jason Collins, on a ten day contract with the Nets, followed suit and became the first openly gay player in the NBA.

Today the entire figure skating world was shocked when US bronze medal figure skater Max Aaron stepped back in to the closet.

“I’m not gay,” said Aaron at a post-Olympic press conference, “and it’s really hard for me to say that.”

When asked about how other figure skaters took the news Aaron stated, “I was extremely worried if my fellow skaters would accept me but they have been very supportive.  It’s really, really tough trying to be gay all the time.  Now I don’t have to pretend to enjoy myself when everyone else is watching Ellen or Dancing with the Stars after practice.”

It’s yet unknown how this will effect Max’s career but we know the dozens of straight skating fans all around the world will be watching and cheering for his success.