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UFC Fighter Caught Taking Heroine Before Match

empire-sports-mma-ufc-fighter-caught-heroin-before-match-dana-white-mark-evansLAS VEGAS, NEVADA—

An amateur MMA fighter is making the headlines with a very poor decision he made while fighting in a prelim for the UFC. Mark Evans a name you’ll soon hear a lot about, got caught using heroine before a match earlier this week.

Evans with a record some may say isn’t UFC worthy, got a lucky chance to show his stuff in front of some big names of UFC, for a chance to fight under their lights.

Before the match took place Evans said he needed a minute to focus after being checked by the referee, and was gone for about 5 minutes before his trainer went looking.

When found, the trainer described Evans as fired up, and had a glaze to his eyes he had never seen before. Evans took to the ring, and when the bell rang he attacked like an animal.

“He came out like a beast, and we thought for a minute this kid could be really good” said Dana White

It wasn’t until Evans began bleeding from his arm did the match get called.

Once the match got called Evans got furious throwing chairs and challenging anyone to a fight. It was at this moment the Evans trainer explained that he had suspicion that Evans had taken some type of drug before the match.

“I wanted to see my guy fight, I knew he was on something, but this was a great chance for him to show his skill set.” said Evans trainer

Referees continued to search Evans belongings, and found a bag of heroin and a fresh needle.

“You worry about our fighters taking steroids, but never would you think a fighter would do something along these lines” said Dana White

Evans will not be given another chance to fight in the UFC in the near future.