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Carmelo Anthony Signs Multi-Year Deal With The Miami Heat

MIAMI, Florida – Carmelo-Anthony-Inks-Three-Year-Deal-With-Miami-Heat

One of the most exciting players in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony, announced earlier today that he has signed a 3-year deal with The Miami Heat, hoping to replace the talent that Miami is losing after it was recently announced that their star player, LeBron James, would be leaving to become a free agent.  Anthony will be headed to a new city, on a new team, in attempts to do what he was trying to do with The Knicks – win a title.

Since Anthony has been a free agent, a lot of different offers came his way, but The Heat found a way to lock him down for at least 3 years and people are excited about the move.

Anthony was an all-star for the Knicks, and some would say that he was the golden horse of the organization. He had all the tools to be a champion player, besides a team that could follow suit. Anthony is very optimistic about things to come in Miami, and said believes he will be the player maker to make The Heat unstoppable.

“Things just got a little hotter for The Heat.” said Anthony. “I’m excited to play for an organization that can finish strong, and win championships. I feel this squad should be called the fantastic four, we will be unstoppable.”

During the interview, a reporter questioned Anthony’s Fantastic Four reference, seeing as how their would be 5 players on the court at once.

“Listen, I don’t care about numbers or counting. It doesn’t even matter who is on the floor with me, they can just sit pretty anyway. I will win game-after-game anyway, with them or without them.” replied Anthony.

Anthony is scheduled to report to South Beach in the next week to begin training with The Heat. He personally requested a new speedo, some sunblock, and a private chair on the beach for when he arrives.

LeBron Opens Up About Loss To Spurs, Reasons He Is Leaving Miami

MIAMI, Florida – Empire-Sports-LeBron-Comments-On-Loss-to-Spurs-Why-He-Is-Leaving-Miami

After an extremely embarrassing loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals, you can’t blame LeBron if he wants to leave The Heat. It has been reported that James will opt out of his contract and become a free agent. He has been with the Heat for several years after leaving Cleveland, and on paper he has nothing but a flawless career with Miami.

This year, the NBA finals made the normally powerhouse Heat look like rookies, even though they had a roster other teams can only dream of. In a private interview, James admitted why they lost to the Spurs, and the reason behind his choosing to leave the Heat.

“Well, obviously things didn’t go the way we wanted.” said James. “I’m not trying to take anything away from the Spurs or their organization here, but that was a series that should have gone a lot differently. I have never been so embarrassed in my life.”

James seemed no embarrassment in blaming everyone else on the team, taking absolutely no responsibility for any issues throughout their games with San Antonio.

“If my team played the way I told them to, then we would have won, no doubt in my mind. Not to mention if the entire organization had listened. No one heard a damn thing I said. They never hydrated me the right way, they even gave me Midol for my cramps – I’m not even kidding? On top of that, they never had the right sized headbands. They just pretended I wasn’t there, apparently. So maybe I just won’t be next time.”

It is unknown where LeBron will land come next season, but he has made it clear he is looking for a team that will listen to every one of his ideas, and take them as gospel.

“Any team in the NBA should be absolutely honored to have me on their team.” Said LeBron. “If there is a greatest player still working today, it’s got to be me. Next year, my new team will get me some damn headbands that fit.”

LeBron James Confirms Intentions To Leave Miami After Season

empire-sports-lebron-james-leaves-miami-heat-retire-contract-wade-boshMIAMI, Florida-

The franchise team will be taking a huge hit following this season, after reports of LeBron James leaving the team has surfaced. James has been an all-star player to the team, but after contract complications, it appears his destiny will be held at another team.

According to sources within the Miami Heat organization, James met with Heat owner Micky Arison over the weekend and they were not able to work out a contract that would satisfy both parties.

You would think that back-to-back championships would have held LeBron’s spot on The Miami Heat, but it appears that money has become a huge issue and the team can no longer gain profit by having him on the team.

Many believe that James is the best NBA player out there, but sometimes you have to remember that the NBA is also a business, and if you aren’t making money out of a business then you are going to end up broke. It turns out the expenses that LeBron has racked up, along with a very high salary cap, have made it too expensive to keep him in a Heat jersey.

“He is a great player, but with anything great there are pros and cons.” said Micky Arison, owner of The Miami Heat. “Don’t get me wrong – if we could keep him we would, he has been an asset to the team, and it has been a lot of fun watching him play and win for us. The reality is he is expensive to keep on the roster, and with an all-star player like James they expect bonuses and perks. We have spent thousands on custom made headbands alone.”

It is unclear where James will play next, but talks of him returning to Cleveland have been up in the air. If Cleveland has the cash for LeBron it may be a possibility, but the pain that he left to his fans out there may never go away.

LeBron James Dunked On By WNBA Player; LeBron In Denial

empire-sports-lebron-james-gets-dunked-on-wnba-female-cryMIAMI, FLORIDA-

During a house party in Miami, Florida this past weekend something happened that no LeBron fan thought could even be possible. LeBron got dunked on during a pick up game that was being played at a party which had NBA and WNBA players on the guest list. Sources claim that it was a friendly game of basketball, and not all the players were taking the game seriously, besides a few.

The thing that makes this story so juicy is the fact that LeBron got dunked on by a unknown WNBA player by the name of Jordan Adams. When the dunk occurred LeBron left the party in a outrage, and called Adams a show off, and that wouldn’t have happened in a real game.

“He was playing just as hard as the rest of us, and I got sick of him bullying us, when we were trying to have a friendly game.” said Adams

“He came into the party like he was the f**king man, and granted he is an incredible player, you shouldn’t have to act that way around friends, and family. He elbowed another WNBA player in the face, and called a foul on her. At that point I got sick of it, I drove to the basket and slammed the ball down as hard as I could in the net. To be honest, if I had a nut shack, It would of been in LeBron’s mouth, that’s had badly I dunked on him.”

LeBron has yet to comment on this event, but witness, and fellow teammates know what happened that day. LeBron can cling to any story he wants, but the truth always finds a way to come to the top. After things calmed down at the party LeBron’s lawyer showed up, and had the entire party erase any evidence of the dunking ever happening.

Michael Jordan’s $30 Million Mansion Burned Down By LeBron James Extremist

empire-sports-michael-jordan-mansion-set-fire-burned-lebron-james-finatics-extremists-arsonCHICAGO, ILLINOIS—

Chicago firefighters and police responded to a massive fire this morning in a Chicago suburb at a $30 million mansion owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan.  According to police, the fire was started by a man they claim to be an “extreme LeBron James fan”.

24 year old Jose Alvarez was arrested shortly after 11am driving near the scene in a heavily damaged pickup truck covered in Miami Heat stickers.  Security cameras outside of Jordan’s mansion captured the man crashing his truck through the front gate of the property before throwing several Molotov cocktails into the house.

At one point, Alvarez can be heard yelling, “If you can’t take the Heat, stay out of the NBA!”

Alvarez is currently in custody in Chicago awaiting arraignment. Several Miami fans have raised questions about the incident and claim Michael Jordan is attempting to blame Heat fans while committing insurance fraud for a home he was having difficulty selling.

Jordan’s response today only fueled the Heat fan’s allegations, “Heck, that mansion was never going to sell and I got more Insurance money than it would sell for.”

LeBron James denies any connection to Alvarez and thinks that this is a disgrace to him and in no way shows that he is a better basketball player.

Dwayne Wade Seen At Cryogenics Lab

empire-sports-dwyane-wade-cryogenics-lab-death-life-retireMIAMI, FL—

Things have been going swell for the defending, two time NBA Champion, Miami Heat this year. They do not have the best record in the NBA, but they are hanging around with the top level teams. The best player in the league, LeBron James, is healthy and rolling, so what do Heat fans have to worry about? Well, I am not one to freak out, but if I were a Miami season ticket holder I might hit the panic button right about now. It seems that Dwayne Wade, who is not older than dirt, but was born only a few days later, was spotted at a Miami Cryogenics laboratory today. For you non scientist types, Cryogenics is an emerging medical technology of preserving humans with the intention of future revival.

It is anyone’s guess how Wade got it in his head that he needed to visit a facility that freezes humans who have passed away and seek a possible “cure for death” in the future. If I were betting, I would put my cash on Pat Riley. He is just slick enough to talk players into anything, even a veteran all star like D-Wade. Riley will do anything for another NBA Title, even if that means testing a crazy technology on his star guard.

The 32 year old guard has had some injury problems the past three years, but he is not an 80 year old millionaire desperate to hang on to life, like most Cryogenics clients. That said, at times Wade does seem like he is leg-weary and ready for a rocking chair. We managed to get a phone call into the lab that Wade was seen visiting and spoke to a receptionist who signed Wade into the facility. She stated that she wasn’t privy to the entire consultation between the Heat hall of famer and the Cryogenic engineers. But she did overhear the engineers explaining to Wade that the lab only froze dead people and trying to freeze a living being would likely just kill said being. Apparently Wade was of the opinion they could just freeze him for the rest of this regular season, then “thaw him out like a rib-eye steak”, so he could be rested for the playoffs.

McDonald’s To Release The Johnny Mac This Year

empire-sports-johnny-manziel-mac-mcdonalds-burger-contract-sponsorNew York –

You may of seen the new Lebron James and Johnny Manziel commercial. If you thought that was cool, wait till you hear this. McDonalds declared that they are releasing the new Jonnhy Mac Burger some time this year.

The Johnny Mac Burger is going to fit the snack category. For someone who just has pocket change with them, and wants a small bite to eat. Not that filling but still holds all the flavor. It will be a nice option when your not hungry but fill like something delicious.

It’s no surprise that the first corporate sponsor to offer Johnny Football a contract is McDonald’s.  The fast food chain is the mirror image of Manziel, both fast and overrated.

McDonalds stated if the Johnny Mac burger proves to be successful, don’t expect them to stop there. They likely will create more food options based on athletes. With one likely candidate being Lebron’s Slam Dunk Feast. You could probably imagine what that meal would have in it. Athletes can be popular role models, and a lot of fans will be eager to try the food choice of a favorite player.

When asked about the burger, Manziel had this to say. “I am excited to see how this new Burger thrives at McDonalds. Great business they have, and proud to be part of it. I love how the burger is going to be small, for it sends a message you don’t have to be big to be a winner. If you put your mind to it, anyone can be a winner. Now make sure to try out a Johnny Mac coming soon to a McDonalds near you.”

Now the question is will the burger be a boom or a bust. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

LeBron James Trashes Michael Jordan; Plans to Air The Decision 2: The Decisioning

empire-sports-lebron-james-decision-leaving-miami-lakers-cleveland-nbaMIAMI, FLORIDA—

Miami Heat star and best-basketball-player-in-the-Universe LeBron James took a lot of “heat” (pun intended) when he aired The Decision TV special back in 2010.  Most saw it as an awkward, ill-conceived, self-absorbed publicity stunt not befitting the premiere star in his sport.

But now James plans to make amends.  After resurrecting his reputation with three straight trips to the finals, two championships, a second Olympic gold medal, and multiple MVP awards, he’s looking for a new challenge.  Restless and possibly bored in Miami, there are several teams interested in his services – let’s say all of them.  Realistically, very few choices make sense; maybe New York, now that they have Phil Jackson calling the shots, the two Los Angeles teams, and Cleveland, where he can return home a conquering hero and pretend Dan Gilbert never wrote all that stuff IN ALL CAPS!

James is on top of the world, and seemingly has everything going for him both on and off the court.  He plays with a confidence and seriousness that escaped him earlier in his career, and his endorsement opportunities are fruitful and limitless.  However, there seems to be something missing for him, perhaps it was all of the overblown hate and vitriol that came in the wake of his decision to leave Cleveland.

“Things have been too easy,” James lamented, “All this damn winning and adulation, and being worshipped like a modern day Kratos, the Greek God of strength and power, I’m just like, whatever, man.”  This kind of talk has people around the NBA thinking James may be ready to jump ship on Miami President Pat Riley and the notoriously shallow Heat fans.

“To that end, I plan on airing a sequel; The Decision 2: The Decisioning, which will show me planning on making an eventual decision, and all the steps involved in the making of that ultimate decision,” said James,  “which could happen at any time during the 2014 offseason, I haven’t yet decided.“

Steeped in hubris, James appears headed down the path of most resistance, seeking challenges that only mere mortals can dream of overcoming.  He even took a not-so-veiled shot at the player most consider the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.

“I used to be the most hated man in sports, and I never thought that was fair. Now I’m beloved and admired except by a certain someone who used to play this game and wore my same number, ‘Michael’ something or another.  I think he’s somehow involved in the daily operations of the Charlotte Duckbills or some D-League team, I can’t remember.  Whatever.”


Lebron James’ Black Mask Stolen, Sold On eBay For $50,000

A screen shot of the listing on ebay of Lebron’s black mask


Last Thursday Lebron James shocked fans and scared the crap out of his NBA opponents when he took the court wearing a custom black carbon-fiber mask to protect his broken nose in a game against the New York Knicks.

On Saturday, however, James appeared on court wearing a clear mask.  An ESPN report stated a claim by someone in the Lebron camp that he didn’t wear the black mask due to a request made by the league. But news reports today show that that claim may have been a cover-up.

An individual close to James was asked on Saturday about the mask and he stated that, “someone stole the mask out of Lebron’s locker.”

That claim was unverified and didn’t seem to hold much validity until Sunday afternoon when the mask was discovered for sale on eBay for an amazing $50,000.

Several bids were made on the auction before eBay shut it down Sunday night and removed the page from their site.

The Lebron James camp has yet to comment on the mask since the eBay listing appeared.

Kyrie Irving And LeBron James Fight After All-Star Game, Police Deputy Knocked Unconscious

empire-sports-labron-and-KyrieNEW ORLEANS –

Saturday, at the NBA All-Star game, Kyrie Irving stole the show. Even with his ankle-breaking handle, improbable finishes in the paint and his on-target passes, Irving finished his second All-Star game with 31 points and 14 assists.

Transforming into his alter ego – Mr. Fourth Quarter – the talented 21-year-old point guard scored 15 points in the final frame and led a furious rally for the Eastern Conference while Indiana’s Paul George, New York’s Carmelo Anthony and even the game’s most dominant player, LeBron James, took a back seat to Irving’s brilliance.

Irving’s night took a quick turn for the worst as many of the players decided to enjoy the New Orleans night life after the game. According to witnesses, Irving walked up to James and started joking with him about how he “used to be the best”– James tried to brush it off, but after repeated taunts, James flipped  and shoved him back. Soon members of James and Irving’s entourage got involved and the brawl quickly escalated – police were called to the scene as club bouncers and other players attempted to calm brawl.
While police tried to break up the fights, a deputy was attacked and knocked unconscious. Acadian Ambulance transported the deputy to the Terrebonne General medical Center where he was treated for a concussion, a bruised jaw and other minor injuries.

Kyrie Irving Mugshot
Kyrie Irving Mugshot

Police then arrested 21-year-old Kyrie Irving for disturbing the peace by intoxication, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest by violence. Irving remains in jail without bond at this time.

The Krewe of Hercules organization is cooperating with this investigation and trying to identify more suspects involved in the fights and more arrest are expected.

Re-spin via Global Flare