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Life-Imitates-Art for Adam Sandler; Has Real Life Scuffle With Bob Barker

empire-sports-adam-sandler-bob-barker-golf-fight-happy-gilmore-life-imitates-art-charity-eventHOLLYWOOD, California – 

Almost 20 years ago, Adam Sandler invited game show host Bob Barker to play a bit-part in his golf-centric comedy Happy Gilmore, wherein Barker knocked out Sandler’s character after the two get into an argument about how badly Sandler’s character Happy Gilmore is playing during a celebrity golf event.

Well this past weekend the movies came to life, as legendary gameshow host Bob Barker, 90, best known for his stint as the host of The Price is Right, knocked out Adam Sandler during a charity golf event in Hollywood. The event was organized by the Among The Stars Golf Association, a charity group that pairs Hollwood actors with children and teens for a day of golf.

The trouble started when Barker, who was not playing in the event but was there as an honorary guest, started ribbing Sandler for his poor day on the course. Barker, who stated after the altercation that he thought for sure Sandler would understand he was just re-enacting their old scene and having a good laugh, stood up from his wheelchair when Sandler came up and got in his face, calling him a “hack” and “a relic.”

“Why don’t you shut the f*** up, old man?” Sandler was reportedly heard yelling at Barker, 9-iron in hand. Barker assumed at first that Sandler was merely teasing, and ramped up his jokes, which only seemed to further upset Sandler. Finally, as Sandler came face-to-face with Barker, it became apparent to him that Sandler was not fooling around, and actually intended to cause harm. Suddenly scared for his extremely ancient life, he reached back and used all his strength to knock Sandler across the face with a vicious left cross, leaving him with a black eye.

Sandler was temporarily knocked out by the blow, and when he came to he seemed more embarrassed by the altercation than anything else. He refused medical attention, and he also refused to talk to any reporters or bystanders at the scene, but several people did hear him muttering “The price is wrong, bi*ch” over and over to himself as he walked to his car.

No word on whether Sandler will be pressing charges against Barker. When reached for further comment, Barker did remind us to help control the pet population by always spaying and neutering our pets.