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2014 ATP World Tennis Tour To Be Played Using Nintendo Wii

Paris, France – ATP-World-Tour-To-Be-Played-Using-Wii-Consoles-Wii-Sports-Tennis

A new angle will be added to this years ATP World Tennis Tour. After years of the “same old thing” when it comes to tennis matches, the ATP have decided to use technology to liven up this years tour.

The ATP reported that starting this year their World Tour will be played via Wii Sports Tennis, and all of their competing athletes will have to participate or will be disqualified automatically. The new event was created to bring a fun, familiar technology into the old sport, and also to prevent weather, fatigue, and injuries from stopping a match.

“It is very difficult to watch a match go on for hours, and then be postponed due to weather, or nightfall.” Said ATP representative Joe Goldsmith. “It will take time to get used to it, but I’m sure that people will really enjoy the new format over time. We have begun to lose rating dues to matches being to long, and not being finished that day, or raining on the court, that sort of thing. This is our best option here – a Wii can be stored in a dry place with lighting, and every professional tennis player has to be good at Wii tennis right?”

When asked if he thought that maybe it would be a better decision to just schedule the matches in well-lit, domed stadiums instead, Goldsmith said that the ATP wants progress, not just a place to play.

“We’ve been holding these tournaments for decades, and can anyone in this room even tell me the name of tennis player that isn’t named Agassi or McEnroe? Federer or Williams? I didn’t think so.” Said Goldsmith. “This Wii tournament, it will make the audience even more excited, because as soon as the games are over, they can start their our tournament on their consoles, right there in their living room!”

Tennis pros themselves seem to be ambivalent about the changes, and most are just happy that they are still going to be making extreme amounts of money for playing one of America’s least-favorite sports.

“At least I’m not a golfer,” Said Venus Williams. “My God, then nobody would know who I was.”

Nintendo of America, the company behind the Wii, is said to be a key sponsor in the tournament, and are donating as many Wii consoles as the ATP requests, and are also setting up the equipment for play, including the 80″ hi-defintion televisions that will be used at each event.