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Sandusky Coaches Football Team in Jail

empire-sports-jerry-sandusky-coaches-prison-football-team-jail-shankHarrisburg, PA– A part of the heritage at Penn State died the day that the news of  Jerry Sandusky being a child molester hit the news. Sandusky held a great career in the football world until allegations began to rise about what he had done in his dark past. In almost in instant all the fantastic memories of his football legacy were crumbled, and for the crimes he had committed, why would you even want to look at a person like him in the slightest of  bright sides.

Now, Sandusky is being held in prison rotting away like he deserves for the terrible acts he had done to innocent children. He will stay in that cold, small cell for years and years, or at least that is what most people thought would happen.

Turns out Sandusky got offered some volunteer work in the prison, and if things go well he may even get parole in these next years to come. The dean of the prison has offered a coaching deal for Sandusky, and if he complies, and does the job, the dean will put in a good word for his parole hearing.

It has been told by the dean in the prison that he would like to start-up a prison league football tournament to demonstrate teamwork, and following instructions in his prison. The team that wins the tournament will receive more time in the yard, an extra pudding for dinner, and a shower to themselves for a week.

Sandusky job is to go in and coach each individual team, and to try his hardest to have them compete, and not kill each other on the field.

With the news of Sandusky coaching again you may feel a bit of disgust filling your body. Keep this in mind though, he is now the frightened soul in the shower room, and it takes an old man a lot of time to pick up soap if he drops it.