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Jockey Accidentally Euthanized After Breaking Leg At Kentucky Derby 140

empire-sports-jockey-euthanized-killed-murdered-churchill-downs-kentucky-derbyLOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY— The cheers of fans turned to gasps Saturday afternoon at Churchill downs as an otherwise uneventful race turned tragic after a mid-race collision sent several jockeys flying to the ground and left one jockey dead.

Two jockeys were injured and taken away from Churchill Downs by ambulance after a scary collision during the third race of the Kentucky Derby day slate.

Jockey Megan Fadlovich complained of concussion symptoms, and fellow rider Marcelino Pedroza Jr. complained of lower back pain after the incident, which appeared to start when two horses clipped heels. Both jockeys were alert and moving all extremities as they were taken to nearby Audubon Hospital for further examination, a track spokesman said.

Back at the track, a tragedy unfolded that has left many stunned.

A third jockey who was dismounted in the incident, James Graham, broke his leg so severely that trainers were forced to perform emergency medical procedures on location and accidentally injected him with a lethal dose of the drug barbiturates, a drug that is commonly used to euthanize horses.

“I really had no idea what to do,” said horse trainer Joseph Goldsmith, “I was forced into a situation that I was not properly trained to handle and I made a mistake that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.  I was trained that broken legs get that injection but I was only trained for horses, not humans.”

“This is the type of thing that happens when you let horse trainers make perform medical procedures on humans,” said Bruce Moore, a lifelong animal right activist who watched the entire scene unfold. “But I think it’s karma coming back for all the horses that got put down after breaking their legs.”

Representatives from Churchill Downs have not yet commented on the events.  They are expected to release a statement sometime after their team of lawyers figure out a way to absolve them of all responsibility. 

Pitt Fan Charged With Assault After Punching Syracuse Guard Tyler Ennis

Tyler+Ennis+Syracuse+v+Pittsburgh+Empire+SportsPITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA–

The Pittsburgh Panthers were leading the undefeated and number one Syracuse Orange 56-55 with 4.4 seconds left on the clock. Following a timeout, Syracuse guard Tyler Ennis received the in-bounds pass, dribbled down the hardwood ten feet past the half-court line where he launched up the final shot with one second left. It went in as time expired and the Orange won 58-56 to improve to 24-0 on the season.

You could see it in their eyes, Panther fans were devastated and some even furious at the thought that they were so close to knocking off the number one team in the country. In fact, you could see it in their fist. Pittsburgh fan Dane Johanna had been hiding under the Syracuse bus for an estimated forty-five minutes waiting for the Orange to come aboard. When the team came out of the staff entrance at the back of the arena Johanna saw his chance. According to Syracuse guard C.J. Fair, Johanna jumped out from behind the front wheels of the bus and gave Ennis an uppercut punch to the jaw.

In the mere seconds following the incident Syracuse forward Rakeem Christmas grabbed hold of Johanna and handed him over to security. The fan is now in custody and is facing charges of assault. For Ennis, he was rushed back into the arena for medical attention, his injuries are unknown.

This incident was saddening for both coaches, Jim Boheim was asked about the situation and responded “Well, it is really terrible. Some fans just go to far, I cannot remember another time when a fan just came up and straight punched an opposing player. Hopefully Tyler (Ennis) will be fine and we can move on”. When Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon was asked about the altercation he was outraged. “This is just unacceptable, I am furious at the fan and this is exactly not how to react after a loss. Fans like that have no place around sports, they are terrible”.

Syracuse plays next on February 15 at home versus North Carolina State.