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Houston Texans Draft Choice Leaked, Will Take Clowney #1 Overall

HOUSTON, Texas – empire-sports-houston-texans-clowney-draft-pick

The Houston Texans had been been very quiet about their #1 overall pick for the NFL Draft, happening in just a few short days, up until a front office leak earlier this morning accidentally revealed their choice as Jadeveon Clowney. The NFL and The Houston Texans are both furious about this leak coming out and ruining the “surprise” factor of the pick. While I am not sure if there was any real surprise considering Clowney has been easily the #1 player in the draft all year. The only thing people are unsure of is his fit into a 3-4 defense.

It is unknown at this time just who gave up this information but the Houston Texans have told us they are investigating it and the NFL will fine that person a hefty price for this. Most people expected Clowney to go #1 it was all a matter of which team gets him there. Houston entertained ideas of trading down but decided to just take the South Carolina GameCock for themselves. With Watt on one side and potentially Clowney on the other can Houston get back to a winning season like they were just a few seasons ago.

Now that Clowney and Watt are together will this mean Clowney is a sure fire All Pro in the coming seasons? Or doesnt end up being a bust because of his poor work ethic and end up a backup on 8 different teams in his career? There is no way to tell but you know JJ Watt will keep him in line and make him work to be on the same field as him.

Update: There is still no official word on the leak but the NFL is rumored to have found a potential clue that can lead them to the person who gave up this information. Not sure what the point or problem is when Houston owned #1 anyway, but the NFL is at least doing its job and looking into a matter that could have been serious in the right circumstances.


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Denver Broncos Trade Peyton Manning For First Pick To Draft Johnny Manziel

empire-sports-denver-broncos-trade-peyton-manning-johnny-manzielENGLEWOOD, COLORADO—

Breaking news out of Englewood, Colorado. Peyton Manning, a first round pick, and a conditional future first round pick have been traded to Houston Texans for the first overall pick.

The Denver Broncos also announce that with their selection they are going to draft Johnny Manziel.

Everyone knew Houston was shopping the pick, and everyone knew they needed a Quarterback. What people didn’t know was that, after the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning went up to John Elway and demanded he be traded, telling Elway “How am I to win when our defense can’t contribute?”

Denver also lost one of Mannings favorite targets Eric Decker, running back Knowshon Moreno, and OLineman Zane Beadles.

Johnny Manziel, after hearing the news, said “I hope Seattle has their big boy pants on now, because the real sheriff is in town!”

No one knows how this trade will turn out. Let’s see how Peyton does with another blue jersey on.

Breaking News: Cowboys QB Tony Romo Traded To Houston Texans For #1 Overall Pick



Recently out Cowboys QB Tony Romo has just been traded to Texas rival Houston Texans for the #1 overall pick in this years NFL Draft. Romo who just recently came out to the public that he was gay with Cowboys teammate Jason Witten signed a major extension but now Romo is headed to a new part of Texas and to a completely new conference and division.

Houston who is QB needy felt that Romo could be a better option for them now than a rookie or any man on their roster could be now and for the short future that Romo may still have in the NFL. Its unknown what the idea behind this is but Jerry Jones did hint that he liked a QB with his newly acquired  #1 Overall pick. We got to meet with Jones and get his reasoning behind this all:

“There is multiple reasons for this move today. Season after season we find ourselves losing games due to a collapse or a last game interception. Now with all the news about Tony and Jason I needed to do whats best for the whole team and remove those 2 men from being together in our locker room and ruining the chemistry we have here. I cannot allow myself to believe this is okay between these men so I had to make this move.

I had to put my team in the best place and this is only going to help us. We lose a great QB but there is a guy in this draft who we really like for the team but that is not a promise. Dallas Cowboys will be making moves next season and this is one is a very big one that will improve this team.”

Houston GM Rick Smith also gave us a comment about his acquisition of his new QB: “I feel that this is a great move for us. We invest in an elite QB right away who gives us a chance to win games right away. This trade helps us and also saves us from having to develop a rookie QB and the chances of a bust would be a waste of a pick. He got an elite QB for that same price.”

There has been a minority of people who feel this trade is a positive move for Dallas. Houston will cover all of Romo’s cost so Dallas will not take a cap penalty. The GLBT and its supports have also been on Twitter and Facebook complaining and giving their opinions of the homophobic comments from Jones. How will this make Dallas look now after their owner bashed the entire gay community and made is obvious they are not welcome on his football team.

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