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Peyton Manning Undergoes Emergency Surgery; Possible Career Ending

DENVER, CO—Peyton-Manning.Omaha.400

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning has undergone an emergency neck surgery this afternoon after suffering nagging neck pain in recent days.

Manning was sent by team doctors to Dr. James Andrews for an immediate neck surgery after some undisclosed issues were found. Denver officials tried to keep it quiet but we here at EmpireSports will find the truth. As of now Peyton is rumored to be missing at least half of the regular NFL season and rumors are floating that this could be the end of Manning’s career.

Manning, who led his team to a record shattering season followed by a SuperBowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks, will be replaced by none other than the man who recruited him to Denver, John Elway. Yes the NFL legend John Elway. Elway has filed his papers to return and will be taking over Mannings place as starting QB with the young Brock Osweiler as the backup.

We are unsure why Elway feels the need to start over a young untested QB in the NFL but we hope to get more news in the coming days as we get more for you. As of right now there is not much known as to the exact problems that happened with Manning or even why Elway is returning but we do know this could change the entire view of the Denver Broncos season. Could this be the end for Manning? Will he retire just a season short of setting all the career records? Time will tell how this story plays out but Denver fans cannot be happy for the season to come now.

DeSean Jackson Injured In Drive-By Shooting From Angry Crips

This picture is of DeSean Jackson holding the Crips Hand Logo up.
This picture is of DeSean Jackson holding the Crips Hand Logo up.


Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday evening with minor injuries after being targeted in a drive-by shooting.  Rumors that the drive-by was ordered by members of Jackson’s former gang.

DeSean was involved with the Crips before his career in football. Rumor has it that the “Compton Crips” sent out an executive order to kill him for signing with the Redskins and wearing rival gang “Bloods” colors.

When DeSean was released from the hospital today he said “I haven’t associated with these thugs in years, you know what they say, once a Crip, you always a Crip. Its just hard to believe my old homiez would try to kill me.”

DeSean still plans to play for the redskins and carry out his 3 year 24 million dollar contract. He is worried about more attacks but is confident police can keep him safe.

Shortly after the shooting we spoke to QB Robert Griffin III he commented “I think that DeSean is a great addition to the team but is not worth it if he is putting this team at risk”.

We will just have to wait and see how this violent “Beef” will end.

George Foreman In Critical Condition After Overdose At Golden Corral

empire-sports-george-foreman-overdose-food-grill-emergency-trauma-hospitalHOUSTON, TEXAS –

Former World Heavyweight boxing champion and inventor of the popular grill bearing his name, George Foreman was rushed to a trauma center near his home in Houston, Texas Wednesday evening after apparently “overdosing on food”.

The former chubby champion was having dinner at Golden Corral and was, according to witnesses, eating “massive amounts of food”.   After an 8th plate of food Foreman lost conscienceless and passed out on the table.

Joseph Goldsmith, a friend of Foreman who was eating with him, told paramedics that “He (Foreman) was slamming down plates of food one after another like he was going for a World Heavyweight eating title.”

Foreman is currently in critical condition.

The 65 year old has been discovered to have severe eating eating problems as described by his family and friends and even say that when it comes to food, there is NO holding him back indeed.   News of his eating problem was found to have surprised absolutely no one in the country.

Foreman was taken to the hospital after EMT’a found him face down on a table with a piece of fried shrimp in his mouth. Medic Brendan Kelly said “We had to call in another ambulance equipped with a much stronger stretcher because the one we brought couldn’t really hold him well”.

Medics and Doctors are currently trying their best to treat Foreman and also how to control his appetite. We will update you on Foreman’s condition soon.

Michael Sam Looking To Be First Gay NFL Concussion Victim

empire-sports-michael-sam_nfl_concussionGALVESTON, TX

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told reporters on Sunday that he is gay, and he hopes to become the first openly gay NFL player to suffer a concussion.

“I am an openly gay, proud man,” proclaimed Sam, “and I am looking to enter the 2014 NFL Draft so I can someday be the first homosexual to experience a debilitating head injury playing the sport I love so dearly.”

He further explained that his sexual orientation should have nothing to do with what happens on the football field, and he wants to put his health, mental capabilities, and future at risk just like any other NFL player.

Gay rights advocates cheered the decision to come out, and several civil rights leaders proclaimed that the U.S. will take a giant step forward if he can lay in a hospital bed next to a straight concussion victim and figure out where they are—together.

“I hope that this move inspires any gay children out there to come out, play football, and put their mental development at severe risk.”

Final reports showed that while this move wasn’t necessarily difficult for Sam, he’s not yet ready to come out as the first gay spinal cord injury.