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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Features Ronda Rousey

empire-sports-ronda-rousey-game-of-thrones-hbo-premiereNEW YORK CITY—

If you thought the season four premiere of HBO’s Game Of Thrones was getting a lot of press, that hype machine just got cranked up to 10. News leaked out today that UFC Bantamweight Champion, and all around bad-ass, Ronda Rousey will be appearing in the premiere on Sunday April 6th. The HBO show is wildly popular on its own, it still never hurts to shake things up to keep a television show fresh. If the addition of the hottest female fighter on earth can bring in just a fraction of the UFC fans to the audience of GOT, it could be the highest rated HBO show ever.

We tried to get a comment from HBO, but only got the standard, “you will have to tune in on April 6th and see for yourself”. One source close to Ronda Rousey did tell us that the UFC star is definitely in more than one short scene for the show. The source also hinted that Rousey has been offered a continuing role in Game Of Thrones by show runner David Benioff. Apparently the UFC champion is mulling over her options.

I cannot wait to see the premiere next Sunday myself. I know many others are excited as well. A popular TV show combined with a mega sports star who happens to be beautiful is a recipe for success. I mentioned this news to a “TapOut” t shirt wearing guy at Starbucks this afternoon and he was truly psyched. He kept pumping his fist, and saying,”dude, there’s lots of nudity on that show”! While he has a good point, my only hope is that Rousey gets to be the one to end the life of that little bastard, King Joffrey, via arm bar preferably.