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Venus Williams Comes Out; Discloses Lesbian Relationship

empire-sports-venus-williiams-gay-lesbian-homosexual-relationship-girlfriend-sexPALM BEACH, Florida– One of the best female tennis players made an announcement today that many people did not see coming. Professional tennis player Venus Williams, told sources today that she has been living happily with her girlfriend for several years now, but keeping it a secret for many reasons.

One of the those reasons happened to be that she was dating her Cuban boyfriend Elio Pis, and didn’t want to break the news to him until now. It is rumored that Williams kept Pis around to make it seem that she was straight, but Williams told us that she did care a lot for him, just not in a sexual manor.

“I love Elio as a friend, but nothing more after that” said Williams

“I wasn’t ready for my fans to find out about this, and to be honest I haven’t always felt this way. After years and years of playing tennis against females, and hearing them moan as the slam a ball at you, your feelings begin to change.”

Williams has not released who she is dating at the moment, but has admitted that it is a fellow tennis player. She did not comment if the player was a professional, amateur, or even just a person that does it as a hobby.

Only time will tell how this will effect Williams career, either in a positive or negative way. Some of her sponsors are old school, and even Venus admitted to us, she fears that they will cut ties with her after this hits the mainstream.

“I love to play tennis but some endorsements do pay my bills, and I’m afraid that I’ll be losing a lot of my sponsors. I’m wiling to take on any new sponsorships that may come my way.” said Williams



New Donald Sterling Tape Released; Sterling Calls Black People 3/5th Of A Person

empire-sports-donald-sterling-vanessa-stiviano-adam-silver-racist-rant-blacks-audio-sex-tapeLOS ANGELES-

Just hours after NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced a lifetime NBA ban of Donald Sterling his girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano, twisted the knife a little deeper as she released yet another audio tape in which Sterling can be heard saying that he thinks black people are only 3/5th of a human.

If there were any doubts that this old geezer was a full blown racist, this new tape will surely put those to rest. Some of the things that can be heard on the new audio are simply unbelievable.

Anyway, you can listen to Donald Sterling’s latest rant in it’s full glory here:

Ray Rice Arrested For Hitting His Fiancee In The Head With a Watermelon

empire-sports-ray-rice-girlfriend-fiancee-janay-palmerAtlantic City, NJ-

Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fiancee Jayna Palmer have both been arrested for a physical altercation that occurred. The incident happened in Atlantic City Casino Friday night. Witnesses say that after leaving the casino, Ray’s fiancee apparently starting yelling at him and slapped him while walking down the street away from the Casino. After the slap the fight escalated quickly, they were next to a fruit stand where Rice grabbed a watermelon from the stand and bashed it over his fiancees head. She quickly fell to the ground and got up and grabbed a banana forcing it into Rice’s ear. The police were called and responded quickly, Ray Rice attempted to run from the police but slipped on a banana peel causing him to back his head on the concrete.

No serious injury occurred during the fight but Ray hit his head when he slipped on the banana peel from the fight and his fiancee being hit on the head with a watermelon. Both him and his fiancee were arrested for the dispute and had to pay for damaged fruits from the stand.

Ray and his fiancee have not talked anymore to the press about the altercation that occurred outside the casino.