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George Foreman In Critical Condition After Overdose At Golden Corral

empire-sports-george-foreman-overdose-food-grill-emergency-trauma-hospitalHOUSTON, TEXAS –

Former World Heavyweight boxing champion and inventor of the popular grill bearing his name, George Foreman was rushed to a trauma center near his home in Houston, Texas Wednesday evening after apparently “overdosing on food”.

The former chubby champion was having dinner at Golden Corral and was, according to witnesses, eating “massive amounts of food”.   After an 8th plate of food Foreman lost conscienceless and passed out on the table.

Joseph Goldsmith, a friend of Foreman who was eating with him, told paramedics that “He (Foreman) was slamming down plates of food one after another like he was going for a World Heavyweight eating title.”

Foreman is currently in critical condition.

The 65 year old has been discovered to have severe eating eating problems as described by his family and friends and even say that when it comes to food, there is NO holding him back indeed.   News of his eating problem was found to have surprised absolutely no one in the country.

Foreman was taken to the hospital after EMT’a found him face down on a table with a piece of fried shrimp in his mouth. Medic Brendan Kelly said “We had to call in another ambulance equipped with a much stronger stretcher because the one we brought couldn’t really hold him well”.

Medics and Doctors are currently trying their best to treat Foreman and also how to control his appetite. We will update you on Foreman’s condition soon.