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Venus Williams Comes Out; Discloses Lesbian Relationship

empire-sports-venus-williiams-gay-lesbian-homosexual-relationship-girlfriend-sexPALM BEACH, Florida– One of the best female tennis players made an announcement today that many people did not see coming. Professional tennis player Venus Williams, told sources today that she has been living happily with her girlfriend for several years now, but keeping it a secret for many reasons.

One of the those reasons happened to be that she was dating her Cuban boyfriend Elio Pis, and didn’t want to break the news to him until now. It is rumored that Williams kept Pis around to make it seem that she was straight, but Williams told us that she did care a lot for him, just not in a sexual manor.

“I love Elio as a friend, but nothing more after that” said Williams

“I wasn’t ready for my fans to find out about this, and to be honest I haven’t always felt this way. After years and years of playing tennis against females, and hearing them moan as the slam a ball at you, your feelings begin to change.”

Williams has not released who she is dating at the moment, but has admitted that it is a fellow tennis player. She did not comment if the player was a professional, amateur, or even just a person that does it as a hobby.

Only time will tell how this will effect Williams career, either in a positive or negative way. Some of her sponsors are old school, and even Venus admitted to us, she fears that they will cut ties with her after this hits the mainstream.

“I love to play tennis but some endorsements do pay my bills, and I’m afraid that I’ll be losing a lot of my sponsors. I’m wiling to take on any new sponsorships that may come my way.” said Williams



Toronto Boy Plans To Become First Male Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast

empire-sports-first-male-rythmic-gymnastics-olympics-canada-teamTORONTO—  If you saw Toronto’s Leo Sung Li you would have no idea what his Olympic dream would be. If you were given a hint about it having to do with gymnastics you may guess rings or possibly vaulting.
Sung Li, 17, is a male rhythmic gymnast.
“I am very good with the hoops and ball but have always enjoyed building routines with the ribbons.”
While it is not all that uncommon to see males compete in the junior level in rhythmic gymnastics, there are never any who go beyond that point as the Olympic Games will only allow females to compete in the sport.
“It is unfair of the IOC to prevent young boys such as myself from being able to move to the next level with a sport we have loved all our lives.”
Sung Li’s trainer and coach, Valeri Spetakus, says they have hatched a plan to get Sung Li to the Olympics without bending the rules or causing much concern from the IOC.
“We look at sex change,” Spetakus said with a heavy accent.
“Sung Li has the talent. He just needs an adjustment of his equipment to qualify. If that is sex change, then sex change it will be.”
The 17-year old gymnast agrees with the idea.
“I have no worries about it as I know I can win the gold but cannot do it as a boy. I have to be transformed into a girl in order to make my dream come true.”
When the suggestion was made that this seemed to be more than an extreme makeover, Spetakus explained it has been a common practice in some European countries.
“You ever look at East German women’s teams? They are not all women. Well, they didn’t all start that way. This I am sure.”
Sung Li says he’s okay with changing his name from Leo to Leona and says he’s rarely called by his name anyway.
“I am known as Feather or Lightfoot as I am so graceful when I perform my routines.”
The IOC was unavailable for comment.

Tom Brady Gets Caught with Naked Pictures of Himself

empire-sports-tom-brady-naked-photos-himself-nude-gayFOXBOROUGH, MA—

Coming into the NFL season eyes of course will be all over the franchise quarterbacks. You know the guys who put up huge numbers, and have Super Bowl rings on their fingers. One of which will be Tom Brady, the starting QB for The Patriots. He has done a lot in his career, and is constantly under the spot light. So much so, that this past Saturday a fellow team mate was going through his locker, and found naked pictures of Tom Brady.

“I went to see if he had my stolen ham sandwich is his locker, and then boom!” said Rob Gronkowski. “In one photo he was posing as if he just threw a touchdown, and his arms, and another part of his body were raised in a score pose.”

With news of this breaking out, we got a moment to speak with Tom himself about the issue. Like always he stayed humble, and modest as we asked about the situation.

“Well, you know Tom is just such a handsome guy, and at that level of beauty it has nothing to do with homosexuality, at that level it is art” said Tom Brady. We continued to ask him why he was speaking in third person.

“Well, Tom is a great player, he is handsome, and he really has a great attitude about life” said Tom.

Confused and frustrated about not getting anywhere with him, we decide to give him a high five (Which he forced on us), and leave the conversation on that.

In other news Rob Gronkowski reported to us that he finally found that lost ham sandwich he’d been looking for.

“I forgot that I left in my helmet, until during practice when another teammate hit me, and I thought I was bleeding mayo. Thank god I had it in their though, it could have done serious problems to my brain”.

Jeff Gordon And Stephen Rhodes Confirm Homosexual Relationship; NASCAR Fans Outraged

empire-sports-jeff-gordon-stephen-rhodes-gay-relationship-homo-loversDAYTONA BEACH, Florida—

As if the sports world didn’t have enough people coming out of the closet. A highly respected member of the NASCAR community has come out and admitted he is in a relationship with a fellow openly gay NASCAR member. Jeff Gordon who is going through a divorce said that he is now dating openly gay driver Stephen Rhodes. Gordon joins a list of male athletes who are new to the openly gay sports world.

We are unable to get a comment from Gordon or Rhodes on this news of their relationship but it is 100% confirmed by them both. Both men have been seen around together since they came out just recently. The couple has been seen hand in hand but not much else in the public eye.  This new couple has sparked a fire storm in the southern states where the rednecks tend to live.

We managed to get a response by a now former Jeff Gordon fan by the name of Billy-Bob Benson he said the following: “There ain’t no room for that queer crap in NASCAR. This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing. These queers need to go back and pray that god forgives them for the choice they made. If they wanna be gay go be a fashion designer and not ruin the greatest sport in the world!”

Not sure if I should feel bad for Billy-Bob due to his parents are most likely related or if he is just that stupid but NASCAR isn’t the greatest sport in the world. Not even close. Driving left isn’t a real sport in my opinion. If a man wants to be gay let him. People should stop making a big deal out of it. I myself am a Jeff Gordon fan if whatever he enjoys is up to him. As long as he wins races he can do anything he wants. Its his life to live not any of ours. I wish Jeff and Stephen the best in their relationship.

WNBA Star Becky Hammon Says She’ll Give Blowjob To Anyone That Beats Her In HORSE

Michael Sam Looking To Be First Gay NFL Concussion Victim

empire-sports-michael-sam_nfl_concussionGALVESTON, TX

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told reporters on Sunday that he is gay, and he hopes to become the first openly gay NFL player to suffer a concussion.

“I am an openly gay, proud man,” proclaimed Sam, “and I am looking to enter the 2014 NFL Draft so I can someday be the first homosexual to experience a debilitating head injury playing the sport I love so dearly.”

He further explained that his sexual orientation should have nothing to do with what happens on the football field, and he wants to put his health, mental capabilities, and future at risk just like any other NFL player.

Gay rights advocates cheered the decision to come out, and several civil rights leaders proclaimed that the U.S. will take a giant step forward if he can lay in a hospital bed next to a straight concussion victim and figure out where they are—together.

“I hope that this move inspires any gay children out there to come out, play football, and put their mental development at severe risk.”

Final reports showed that while this move wasn’t necessarily difficult for Sam, he’s not yet ready to come out as the first gay spinal cord injury.

The NFL Hates Religion and Religious Freedom.

Enpire-sports-nfl-arizona-law-religion-anti-gay-hate-banLet me make this absolutely clear;  whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there is an attack on religion in this country.  Backlash of a bill recently vetoed in Arizona has made that perfectly clear.

What is ironic is that America is a country established by pilgrims who escaped their country due to religious persecution and the founders thought religious freedom was so important that it is expressly granted to every citizen in the very first amendment to the United States Constitution.

Yet there is a large and vocal section of Americans (actually, I will say “anti-Americans”) who HATE religion and want to see religion banished from the public eye.

Point blank, there is simply NOTHING in Arizona Senate Bill 1062 that is remotely “Anti-gay”.  In fact the word “gay” is not mentioned a single time in the bill, nor are the words “homosexual”, “LGBT”, “trans-gender”, “straight”, “Fag” or “Queer”.

You you think the bill is “anti-gay” then you haven’t read the bill or you are blinded by religious hatred. The bill is only 2 pages long and can be read in less than 10 minutes.  You can even read it online right here.

The redundant, vaguely worded legislation merely authorized citizens to invoke arguments of religious conscience when faced with legal action against them by government or private parties and it’s something that’s ALREADY LAW in the entire United States which means that all the hatred over the bill is much ado about nothing.

Anyone who calls the bill “anti-gay” has either not read the bill or is blinded by religious hatred.  Anti-religious bigots have spun the words of the bill to turn it in to something that it is not in order to advance their hate-filled agenda.

And, now, the NFL has either caved to public opinion or they too don’t want Americans to have religion freedom.  On Tuesday the NFL put pressure on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer  to Veto the bill by threatening to move Super Bowl XLIX out of Arizona.

So, either the NFL has not read the wording of the legislation, they are anti-religion or they are cowards who are caving in to misguided public opinion.  Either way, it doesn’t say much for the character of the NFL.

NFL Players Refuse To Play With Gay Teammate

empire-sports-michael-sam-gay-nflNew York City, NY-

The integration of gay athletes in sports took a big step forward recently with both Michael Sam and Jason Collins coming out but we still a long way to go before we see gay athletes fully accepted in major sports.

In a recent poll given out by the NFL Offices asking anonymously if players would mind playing with a gay teammate a whopping 68% said they would rather not play on the same team as a gay player. Most NFL players currently signed to a team took part and had a vote in this poll. This wasn’t open to coaches or anyone in an office position. It was confirmed that this was a players only survey.

In a “comments” section of the poll some players were especially vitriolic.  Several wrote that they would “rather quit their team than share a locker room with a gay man.”  While one wrote, “I would feel disgusted knowing a guy might be starting at my junk as I changed.”

The NFL is saddened by this outcome and the Commissioner Roger Goddell gave us a comment about the results of this poll.

“I think its sad that in this day and time in the United States that an athlete cannot be himself in a locker room and in front of the camera. I expected better from these athletes and now I may have to show them that I will not stand for this hate towards anyone no matter what they believe. “

Max Aaron Comes Out; First Openly Straight Figure Skater

P&G & Wal-Mart "Tribute to American Legends of the Ice"The inspirational story of Michael Sam, who has vowed to become the first openly gay player in the NFL, has open the doors for others. His story has given courage to other athletes around the country to step out from behind their masks.

Yesterday Jason Collins, on a ten day contract with the Nets, followed suit and became the first openly gay player in the NBA.

Today the entire figure skating world was shocked when US bronze medal figure skater Max Aaron stepped back in to the closet.

“I’m not gay,” said Aaron at a post-Olympic press conference, “and it’s really hard for me to say that.”

When asked about how other figure skaters took the news Aaron stated, “I was extremely worried if my fellow skaters would accept me but they have been very supportive.  It’s really, really tough trying to be gay all the time.  Now I don’t have to pretend to enjoy myself when everyone else is watching Ellen or Dancing with the Stars after practice.”

It’s yet unknown how this will effect Max’s career but we know the dozens of straight skating fans all around the world will be watching and cheering for his success.

Blake Griffin Smacked The Straight Out Of Justin Bieber

empire-sports-justin-bieber-kissing-guy-gayLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA-

Yes, we know this is a sports news site.

Yes, we know there are very few sports fans who care anything about the Biebs.

But, please, allow me to get this out.  I’ll be quick so that you may return to more manly things or, after reading this, possibly retreat hastily to your nearest commode to deposit your lunch.

I can’t believe myself that I am reporting anything related to Justin Bieber, I almost feel dirty just typing his name, but continued news involving a story we broke here on Empire Sports is keeping the Biebs in the news and some things are too good NOT to report.

Photos have now emerged and, apparently, it IS possible to get the straight smacked out of you.

Or, maybe, the touch of a strong man gave Bieber a special feeling that he can’t ignore.

Of course, for many of us, this isn’t a surprise.  I don’t see many big, burly Harley riders in Starbucks ordering caramel apple machiattos like Mr. Bieber.