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Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Set to Fight

empire-manny-pacquiao-floyd-mayweather-fightMiami, Florida-

Two of the highest paid athletes in the world are all set to meet glove-to-glove in the ring. There have been rumors of this fight happening for several months, and after all the drama, the contracts, and the disappointments, fans can finally prepare themselves to see these two settle it in the ring.

The high profile fight truly began to take shape last year, when friends of Mayweather began mercilessly teasing him, claiming that he would never take a fight with Pacquiao because he knew that he would lose. Apparently, Mayweather took this as a challenge, a blow to his ego that rattled his cage enough to agree to get in the ring.

“I’m not afraid of anyone.” says Mayweather. “I will step in the ring with King Kong himself, and I’d whoop that monkey’s ass, too. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but I tell you what- I’ll feel extremely happy when I get the extreme amounts of cash from this fight purse. In no way shape or form will Manny be able to stand toe-to-toe with me.”

It appears that Mayweather has it in his head already that the fight is in the bag, and he should breeze though it as if it was just any punk off of the street. This may or may not be the case, but in Pacquiao’s eyes the outcome of the fight will be completely different.

“I’m going to punch him in the face until he can’t get up.” said Pacquiao, being as literal as possible in his description of the fight. “Then when he is down, I will laugh in his face. Floyd is useless. Wait and see. All his money, it won’t be able to save him in the ring. Maybe he can use $100 bill to wipe away the blood and tears.”

“Blood and tears? That sonofa—. You know what I’ll use that $100 bill for?” Said Mayweather in response. “I’m going to use that $100 bill to buy a box of tissues, because they’re way softer than money for wiping away tears. Also, I’ll expect at least $98 in change from that $100, and I’ll put that back in the bank. Can’t be too careful in this economy.”

The full fight card has not yet been announced, but the pay-per-view event is scheduled for the end of August, and will be held at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather To Buy Boxing

empire-sports-floyd-mayweather-buy-boxing-money-paydayLAS VEGAS—

Don’t be confused by the headline. Money Mayweather is not buying a boxing gym, boxing promotion company, or a fight venue. He is buying boxing itself. It may sound crazy, but Mayweather is super rich, and boxing has virtually no value at this point. It is like a billionaire investor buying penny stocks. Most likely the stocks will not pay off since it is so high risk. But when they do, it is a windfall of cash.

Mayweather is one of only a few boxers who has been able to remain financially sound. Most fighters end up broke and very desperate. They usually try to sue Don King when they realize how bad their finances are at the end of their careers. That desperation move rarely pays off and the boxers stay poor. Floyd Mayweather has been smart enough to be the promoter of his own fights, instead of letting people like Don King get all that money.

The idea to buy boxing as an entity, came to Floyd as he was watching a documentary on the UFC. He could not believe how sound the business model of the UFC was, compared to his sport. Todd Dale, a spokesman for Mayweather told us, “Money May knows it is a matter of time before boxing is completely destroyed by the various sanctioning bodies, corrupt judges, and greedy promoters. Once he buys the sport, he will get rid of all that junk. He has the power to do it too…you know he keeps a private jet!”

Mayweather has said in past interviews how much he admires and respects UFC president Dana White. He apparently plans to run boxing in a similar fashion as White. “There will be actual quality fights, just like in the UFC, once Floyd owns boxing outright. No more pathetic match ups that cost $60 to watch on PPV. Of course this plan will take effect after Money May is no longer an active fighter. We can’t have him caught up in a quality fight. Who knows how that would go,” stated Dale.

In a related story, there is also a rumor going around that Mayweather will buy the old Evander Holyfield mansion in Atlanta. A rapper recently bought the 109 room obscenity, but it looks like the future owner of boxing is going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. It is thought that the mansion will be used as a storage building for Mayweather. One man’s unaffordable estate is another man’s storage locker. The difference is likely the 52 children by 44 women in one of the fighter’s case.

Marcus Smart Starts Fight With Floyd Mayweather In McDonald’s Parking Lot

EmpireSports-mayweather-smartSTILLWATER, OKLAHOMA-  Marcus Smart has recently received a three game suspension from a controversial altercation with a Texas Tech fan on the court’s sideline.

Smart has defiantly outdone himself this time with his recent fight with Floyd Mayweather in a McDonalds parking lot Friday afternoon.


Smart was seen hanging out with friends Metta WorldPeace and Chris Brown before apparently coming up and “punching Mayweather in the back of the head”. The Police Report then proceeded to say that ” Mayweather fell down and started to scream and cry for help as Marcus Smart fled the scene in a orange Honda Civic as Chris Brown drove away”. There is still no motive known of why Marcus Smart did such a crime, but many think its from him letting out his anger from the suspension he received Monday.


In recent news, Mayweather has been taken care of in Oklahoma’s City finest hospital. Mayweather had the following message to Marcus Smart over Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.25.35 PM

Marcus Smart has yet to be found after the incident but reports say he is still with Chris Brown and Metta World Peace while possibly committing more assault crimes by the second. The NCAA has yet to give details on Marcus Smart’s future in basketball, but if he is proven guilty he might not be able to play college basketball again. Police are still under the pursuit for Marcus Smart before Mayweather can get to him, if you have any details to where he can be found please contact Oklahoma City police.