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Tim Tebow Gets Offered Job As Towel Boy

empire-sports-tim-tebow-towel-boy-job-contractJACKSONVILLE, FL—

Times are tough for any professional NFL athlete, with trades, cuts, injuries sometimes you have to take any job that comes your way. While most pro football players are finding some slots to fill, others have to consider another craft outside of the game.

People wouldn’t think that a backup quarterback, or even just a practice quarterback would be thankful they still had there jobs, but after the news about Tim Tebow, attitudes are beginning to change.

Tebow was offered a job as a towel boy at a local high school in his hometown, and the crazy thing is that he is highly considering it. You would think that a person with his career would be offered a coaching job, but the sport they ask him to be a towel boy for has nothing to do with football.

He has been asked to work for the schools female ping pong team, as the head towel boy. Tebow was shy at all with speaking to us, and seemed optimistic about the chance to get back to work.

“I go through my life according to Gods plan, there is nothing I can do to change that” said Tebow

“I look at it as a chance to see if I can shine off the field, and take a different journey from what I’m use to. People think that this job wouldn’t be right for me, but hey I’m making my own decision on this one. I am not certain if this is the right job for me but it is an option I am looking into. Just watching the sport I can see how sweaty people get, and this tells me I will have a great chance to prove to the team what I can do. To be honest I am a little nervous, but if I get sweaty from my nerves, I’ll have a stack of towels behind me”.


Harlem Globetrotters To Play In NCAA Final Four

empire-sports-harlem-globetrotters-play-ncaa-final-four-2014INDIANAPOLIS, IN—

It is that magical time of year for college basketball, March Madness. Hands down the most anticipated event for all basket ball fans, for many reasons. The upsets, the underdogs, and the pure talent that is displayed in these up coming weeks. Almost every year peoples college brackets get tossed, because of a no name team defeating a squad that was thought to be the top team.

If you happen to be among the few people that still have a perfect bracket for the tournaments, you may want to sit down after reading this article.

A huge twist is being thrown into this years tourney as The Harlem Globetrotters will automatically be placed in the final four, knocking out which ever team has the weakest record. People are in a outrage over this seeing how the Trotters didn’t even enter March Madness, or the fact that they aren’t a college.

“The are a great team, and we want to see them compete” said the chairman of the NCAA sports comity.

“Pure talent is what we want, and we want to see if this team can be taken down by some college kids”.

Earlier in the week the Trotters got to play in a scrimmage game against Dayton, and the players, and coaches weren’t happy about the new change to the tournament.

“These kids are playing there hearts out to become something big, it isn’t fair that the chairman would let this happen.” said head coach Archie Miller

“We draw up plays for teams that are in our league, today in the scrimmage I watched a Harlem Globetrotter do a 360, front flip dunk. This isn’t good for our young players ego, they’ve been getting dunk on so much they have bruises on their faces from the opposing teams nut sack constantly hitting there face.”