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NFL Rigged; Whistle-blower Exposes NFL For Fixing Games.

empire-sports-nfl-rigged-vegasLAS VEGAS, NV –

Why was this years Superbowl so lopsided? As it turns out an insider that works for Bally’s International was picked up by Las Vegas police on a domestic charge stemming from and altercation with his wife. Upon further questioning the suspect and his wife admitted that they were fighting over his accidental release of the gambling by the NFL in a local nightclub.He had been talking to a stranger who turned out to be to a mafia kingpin in the Bambio gang that had connections with the NFL. They were afraid that their family would be in danger. The police have placed them in the witness protection agency and moved them to an undisclosed location fearing repercussions.

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States was informed of this and was put on as the man in charge. Holder stated “I will look into this as soon as I get time”, “I’m trying to dig myself out of the “fast and furious” gun running scandal at the moment and this petty theft stuff can wait.”

The NFL was contacted by Empire Sports and told that they would get back to us. They did mention to give Pete a call. We contacted Pete Rose, the best third baseman in MLB history and he was very gracious talking about this. “It’s a well know fact for the guys in the know, that to make big bucks, this is a no brainer.” The players are like actors, they are scripted. It’s alot easier in football than baseball. In football they get the call over the QB’s headset or the captain on defense. They are told what’s coming and how to react. It’s very simple. More money is made with the gambling than with the TV contracts. Billions more!

Pete went on to talk about his favorite movie “Pulp Fiction”, “remember the part with the boxer who was suppose to throw the fight but ended up killing the guy? That’s my life in a nutshell, running scared.” Pete now lives in another country fearful for his life and will never visit a pawnshop again.

More to come on this as we obtain information.