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LeBron James Dunked On By WNBA Player; LeBron In Denial

empire-sports-lebron-james-gets-dunked-on-wnba-female-cryMIAMI, FLORIDA-

During a house party in Miami, Florida this past weekend something happened that no LeBron fan thought could even be possible. LeBron got dunked on during a pick up game that was being played at a party which had NBA and WNBA players on the guest list. Sources claim that it was a friendly game of basketball, and not all the players were taking the game seriously, besides a few.

The thing that makes this story so juicy is the fact that LeBron got dunked on by a unknown WNBA player by the name of Jordan Adams. When the dunk occurred LeBron left the party in a outrage, and called Adams a show off, and that wouldn’t have happened in a real game.

“He was playing just as hard as the rest of us, and I got sick of him bullying us, when we were trying to have a friendly game.” said Adams

“He came into the party like he was the f**king man, and granted he is an incredible player, you shouldn’t have to act that way around friends, and family. He elbowed another WNBA player in the face, and called a foul on her. At that point I got sick of it, I drove to the basket and slammed the ball down as hard as I could in the net. To be honest, if I had a nut shack, It would of been in LeBron’s mouth, that’s had badly I dunked on him.”

LeBron has yet to comment on this event, but witness, and fellow teammates know what happened that day. LeBron can cling to any story he wants, but the truth always finds a way to come to the top. After things calmed down at the party LeBron’s lawyer showed up, and had the entire party erase any evidence of the dunking ever happening.