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Latest from Hawaii: Jerry Rice Sleepwalks Into Hotel Pool

jerry_rice_2009_05_04HAWAII– While Team Sanders was sound asleep last night ready for the big game. Team Rice was up late figuring out their game plan. According to a police scanner report, last night at midnight Team Rice Captain Drew Brees had been wrapping up the game plan with Rice. They were talking when all of a suddenly Rice got up. Brees then tried to sit him back down. Then when he realized Rice’s eyes were closed he sat him back down, and thinking he was dead, ran downstairs to get somebody to perform CPR on Rice. In the meantime Rice got back up and walked straight into the pool. Then Rice had woken up and walked out. About the same time Brees came back with the other players. The other players were laughing their butts off until the police came and fined Rice $30,000 so that he has motivation to win the Pro Bowl. Though there are rumors going around that Rice has “fined” Brees $10,000 for embarrassing him. Brees was quick to dispute that during the pre-game conference today. So will this will become another storyline going into today’s game. Only time will tell catch tonight’s Pro Bowl on NBC at 7:30 ET