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Houston Texans Draft Choice Leaked, Will Take Clowney #1 Overall

HOUSTON, Texas – empire-sports-houston-texans-clowney-draft-pick

The Houston Texans had been been very quiet about their #1 overall pick for the NFL Draft, happening in just a few short days, up until a front office leak earlier this morning accidentally revealed their choice as Jadeveon Clowney. The NFL and The Houston Texans are both furious about this leak coming out and ruining the “surprise” factor of the pick. While I am not sure if there was any real surprise considering Clowney has been easily the #1 player in the draft all year. The only thing people are unsure of is his fit into a 3-4 defense.

It is unknown at this time just who gave up this information but the Houston Texans have told us they are investigating it and the NFL will fine that person a hefty price for this. Most people expected Clowney to go #1 it was all a matter of which team gets him there. Houston entertained ideas of trading down but decided to just take the South Carolina GameCock for themselves. With Watt on one side and potentially Clowney on the other can Houston get back to a winning season like they were just a few seasons ago.

Now that Clowney and Watt are together will this mean Clowney is a sure fire All Pro in the coming seasons? Or doesnt end up being a bust because of his poor work ethic and end up a backup on 8 different teams in his career? There is no way to tell but you know JJ Watt will keep him in line and make him work to be on the same field as him.

Update: There is still no official word on the leak but the NFL is rumored to have found a potential clue that can lead them to the person who gave up this information. Not sure what the point or problem is when Houston owned #1 anyway, but the NFL is at least doing its job and looking into a matter that could have been serious in the right circumstances.


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Tony Romo Loses Starting Spot On Cowboys Roster

empire-sports-dallas-cowboys-head-coach-jason-garrett-tony-romy-loses-starting-roster-jobDallas, Texas-

Cowboy fans have faced nothing but heartbreak for the past few years with quarterback Tony Romo under center. Romo always seems to find a way to fall short, and raise our hope just enough that it stings a little worse when he lets us down. Romos signature play seems to be throwing a pick on the game winning drive, a classic move that he truly mastered.

Luckily this will no longer be the case, seeing how it has been announced that Romo has lost the starting job as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. A move that should have been done years ago is finally in motion, and the coaching staff is happy with the decision that they have made.

“I mean he had his chance, and he has to be the saddest QB I’ve coached in awhile” said Head Coach Jason Garret

“I feel for Romo, really I do I want to see him do well, but in reality it just isn’t in his blood to win games. He had his scape goat Jason Witten for some time, but eventually Witten will be gone, and who is Romo going to throw the ball to? I mean besides the opposing team.”

Romo has not commented on the sudden change, but it is rumored that he may also lose his role as bench warmer if he doesn’t get his mind straight.

“You would think it would be as easy as just sitting down, and staying quiet, but knowing Tony he will find a way to mess it up some how, he always does.” said Garret

It is unclear who will be taking the spot of Romo this fall, but at least Cowboy fans can sleep easy at night knowing they have a slim chance of a season that doesn’t end in tears, and curses.




Johnny Manziel Says He May Not Enter NFL Draft; Return To Texas A&M

empire-sports-johnny-manziel-return-to-texas-am-nfl-draftCOLLEGE STATION, Texas—

Two days in April is right around the corner, and for some future NFL all stars these days will be the first step into their incredible careers. A lot of high grade talent is coming out of the draft this year, and coaches of the NFL will be in a dog fight to get the right players for their squad.

One name is that is being tossed around is Johnny Manziel, an all star quarterback from Texas A&M. We all know who Johnny Football is, and what he had done in his college career. He was an exciting player to watch on and off the field, but now it seems that all the attention he had gotten for his fast paced life may be getting to him.

Talks of even Manziel dropping from the draft completely have been floating through the air. With a great college record you can’t blame the guy for thinking he may not be fit for the National Football League.

“College was a blast, and playing for Texas A&M was incredible” said Manziel

“Everything seemed to have gone right for me in college, so I began to grow an ego, and you know the rest. What I fear now is that my crazy attitude may effect the way I play, and I might not even make a team. I mean have you seen NFL players? There huge! I can’t go around scrambling for 30 yards they break my legs, and if I mouth off to a ref or a player I can get beat up or fined.”

It isn’t clear if Manziel will drop from the draft or not, but the fear in his eyes tells us that he is shaken hard, also the fact that he was holding his Heisman like a teddy bear can’t be a good sign.


Johnny Manziel Is an ‘Arrogant Little Prick’ According To Everyone

Empire-sports-johnny-manziel-arrogant-prick-barry-switzer-pollJohnny Manziel has been one of college football’s most polarizing figures for the past two years. You either love him or you hate him.  And, according to a new online fan poll, if you are one of the two or three people in America that love him, you are vastly outnumbered.

The poll was conducted today in response to a radio interview of Barry Switzer in which he called Manziel an ‘arrogant little prick’:  

empire-sports-barry-switzer-johnny-manzielI’m gonna tell you. I said Johnny Manziel is … I don’t like his antics. I think he’s an arrogant little prick. I’ve said that and I’ll say it again. He’s a privileged kid, he’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed his teammates, his program. He’s embarrassed his coach. And they’ll all have to defend him because they have to coach. I know that. I spent 40 years in the damn game so I know how it works.

The poll consisted of two questions.  The first being “Do you think Barry Switzer was out of line in calling Johnny Manziel an ‘arrogant little prick’?” while the second question simply asked, “Do you agree that Manziel is an ‘arrogant little prick’?”

Surprisingly to, apparently, no one in the country, the poll concluded that America overwhelmingly believes that Manziel actually is a prick.

The final results showed that 98.6% of Americans think Johnny is a prick while 1.3% said, “Who is Johnny Manziel?”