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Student Calls Teacher ‘Communist’ for Not Letting Him Watch USA Hockey

empire-sports-communist-hockeyWALPOLE, MASSACHUSETTS-

Some items on Twitter are just too tempting to resist.

This was one.

There are likely some schools in the Bay State where calling your teacher a “Communist” might earn you “Student of the Week” honors, a box of GMO/gluten-free cookies and a life-time pass from dodgeball.

Walpole High School isn’t one of them.

One student at Walpole High School apparently got himself whistled for a 60-minute major in detention for calling his teacher a “Communist” – apparently three times – after she wouldn’t let him watch the Team USA-Slovakia game that aired starting at 7:30 last Thursday.

The brother of the detained student tells Barstool Sports via email:

My little brother goes to Walpole High School and on Thursday asked to watch the USA vs. Slovakia game during Spanish class. When his teacher said no he called her a communist. She gave him a detention for it. Attached is a picture of the detention slip she gave him. 

While we certainly admire this student’s desire to support his country in the Olympics, this wasn’t quite the best way to do it.

The USA men next play in a quarterfinal game on Wednesday that starts at 1 p.m. Eastern. Hopefully this dedicated, and dare I say, obnoxious young fan, has a light schedule after lunch. If Team USA was playing Spain, he might have had an argument. But the common language of Slovakia is, surprise, Slovak, and not Spanish.

To the credit of this teacher at Walpole High School, she did the right thing by putting this petulant boy into the post-school-day penalty box. The disrespect shown to her is truly inexcusable, even if this student’s passion for Team USA is noteworthy.