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Denver Broncos Cornerback Marquice Cole Overdoses on Marijuana

DENVER, Colorado –

empire-sports-marquice-cole-marijuana-weed-overdose-denver-broncos-coloradoControversy arose today in Denver, Colorado, as NFL Cornerback Marquice Cole of the Broncos became yet another  documented case of overdose on the recently legalized drug marijuana.

Marijuana, commonly known by its street name “weed,” was made legal in the state of Colorado in 2012 when Colorado Amendment 64 was passed through the state legislature. On January 1st, 2014, the first legal “weed shops” were opened through the state to much controversy. Since then, several people throughout the state have overdosed from smoking large amounts of the drug, and there are at least 2 confirmed deaths in relation to smoking, and even  eating, marijuana.

The Amendment in Colorado allows for any person over the age of 21 to have and grow up to 6 “pot plants” at any given time, as well as to use it recreationally themselves, or give it away to someone else over the age of 21. It is similarly regulated as alcohol, but slightly more so – it is not legal to consume in public, although it is fined and ticketed in the same way when driving under the influence of marijuana as it would be for alcohol.

Cole has stated that he was not a user before the law was passed, but as soon as it became legal and easy to get, it was all he was doing in his off time.

“It’s hard, when you’ve got as much money as us pro-athletes do, not to spend that cash somewhat…unwisely, at certain points.” Said Cole from his hospital room in Benchley Memorial Hospital, just outside Denver. “I bought cars and normal things, but as soon as weed became legal, and people were doing it all the time around me, I started spending my money there. It was crazy how much I was buying.”

Cole stated that a friend first offered him marijuana, and he instantly became hooked, a claim that most people who try weed have reported. Cole started visiting multiple dispensaries throughout the day to buy as much as he could, purchasing the legal limit at each shop, as well as spending money on “how-to” books, and materials needed to grow in his own home. He claims that before he overdosed, he was smoking upwards of a pound or more in a day.

There is a common public misconception that you cannot overdose on marijuana, but as many doctors and specialists are quick to point out, that claim is invalid, as evident here with Cole.

“It’s sad, really, that people think you can’t get ‘too high.’ That you can’t overdose. It can happen if you’re smoking enough.” Said Dr. Emmett Brown, who is specialist at Benchley Memorial dealing with drug addictions and overdose cases. “Usually we see cocaine or heroin abuse amongst athletes and celebrities, but there is no doubt that someday the puff-puff-pass could make you end up in the ER.”

“If I had it all to do over again, I would probably cut back a bit.” Says Cole, who is expected to recover from his overdose, albeit with several weeks of physical therapy. “This might have ruined my life. It might have ended my life. It certainly will be putting a huge damper on my career.”

So far, there has been no movement by the Colorado government to repeal the law, despite mounting pressures from activists and anti-marijuana crusaders throughout the state, as well as the rest of the country. Cole himself hopes that his ordeal will make people think twice before getting hooked on marijuana.

“It’s dangerous. It’s addicting. It almost killed me,” said Cole in an impassioned speech to reporters and fans. “I wish I’d never tried it…[and] to any kids out there, just know, that no matter what they say, a drug is a drug – and it can ruin everything.”

As of this writing, no word on whether Cole will face any suspensions or penalties from the NFL

Peyton Manning Undergoes Emergency Surgery; Possible Career Ending

DENVER, CO—Peyton-Manning.Omaha.400

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning has undergone an emergency neck surgery this afternoon after suffering nagging neck pain in recent days.

Manning was sent by team doctors to Dr. James Andrews for an immediate neck surgery after some undisclosed issues were found. Denver officials tried to keep it quiet but we here at EmpireSports will find the truth. As of now Peyton is rumored to be missing at least half of the regular NFL season and rumors are floating that this could be the end of Manning’s career.

Manning, who led his team to a record shattering season followed by a SuperBowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks, will be replaced by none other than the man who recruited him to Denver, John Elway. Yes the NFL legend John Elway. Elway has filed his papers to return and will be taking over Mannings place as starting QB with the young Brock Osweiler as the backup.

We are unsure why Elway feels the need to start over a young untested QB in the NFL but we hope to get more news in the coming days as we get more for you. As of right now there is not much known as to the exact problems that happened with Manning or even why Elway is returning but we do know this could change the entire view of the Denver Broncos season. Could this be the end for Manning? Will he retire just a season short of setting all the career records? Time will tell how this story plays out but Denver fans cannot be happy for the season to come now.

Denver Broncos Trade Peyton Manning For First Pick To Draft Johnny Manziel

empire-sports-denver-broncos-trade-peyton-manning-johnny-manzielENGLEWOOD, COLORADO—

Breaking news out of Englewood, Colorado. Peyton Manning, a first round pick, and a conditional future first round pick have been traded to Houston Texans for the first overall pick.

The Denver Broncos also announce that with their selection they are going to draft Johnny Manziel.

Everyone knew Houston was shopping the pick, and everyone knew they needed a Quarterback. What people didn’t know was that, after the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning went up to John Elway and demanded he be traded, telling Elway “How am I to win when our defense can’t contribute?”

Denver also lost one of Mannings favorite targets Eric Decker, running back Knowshon Moreno, and OLineman Zane Beadles.

Johnny Manziel, after hearing the news, said “I hope Seattle has their big boy pants on now, because the real sheriff is in town!”

No one knows how this trade will turn out. Let’s see how Peyton does with another blue jersey on.

Tim Tebow Gets Offered Job As Towel Boy

empire-sports-tim-tebow-towel-boy-job-contractJACKSONVILLE, FL—

Times are tough for any professional NFL athlete, with trades, cuts, injuries sometimes you have to take any job that comes your way. While most pro football players are finding some slots to fill, others have to consider another craft outside of the game.

People wouldn’t think that a backup quarterback, or even just a practice quarterback would be thankful they still had there jobs, but after the news about Tim Tebow, attitudes are beginning to change.

Tebow was offered a job as a towel boy at a local high school in his hometown, and the crazy thing is that he is highly considering it. You would think that a person with his career would be offered a coaching job, but the sport they ask him to be a towel boy for has nothing to do with football.

He has been asked to work for the schools female ping pong team, as the head towel boy. Tebow was shy at all with speaking to us, and seemed optimistic about the chance to get back to work.

“I go through my life according to Gods plan, there is nothing I can do to change that” said Tebow

“I look at it as a chance to see if I can shine off the field, and take a different journey from what I’m use to. People think that this job wouldn’t be right for me, but hey I’m making my own decision on this one. I am not certain if this is the right job for me but it is an option I am looking into. Just watching the sport I can see how sweaty people get, and this tells me I will have a great chance to prove to the team what I can do. To be honest I am a little nervous, but if I get sweaty from my nerves, I’ll have a stack of towels behind me”.


Peyton Manning Arrested At Papa John’s; Stoned Out Of His Mind

IFWT_peyton_papa_johnsDenver, Colorado—

Being an all-star quarterback for the NFL has its perks, but at the same time it could add attention that you may not want. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning learned this the hard way this previous Thursday night.

Peyton was arrested inside of a Papa Jonh’s Pizza shop, at a very late hour. The incident occurred when a disappointed Denver fan began harassing Manning saying “your down syndrome brother can win 2 super bowls and you can’t win one for us?”

Peyton replied “I’ve got more talent in my pinky then you, get out of my restaurant, we don’t want bitter people in here”(He happened to own that specific Papa Johns).

After this was said things escalated and the man threw a pizza he ordered at Peyton’s face burning him. The cops arrived shortly after, but the gentlemen had already fled the scene.

The ironic part of the entire thing is what Peyton said to the police which landed him behind bars.

“He told us he wasn’t looking for trouble, but the guy began to get violent.” said the police officer on the scene

“He continued to tell us he was very baked, laughing to himself, and knew that he could get free pizza from Papa Johns. He made a stupid joke saying it doesn’t matter how many TDs you score, if you own the place.”

The police then decided to search Manning, and found over an ounce of weed in his pocket which wouldn’t be a huge deal in Colorado, but they continued to find pills, cocaine, and  steroids in his car.

“He would have been fine if he wasn’t bragging about how messed up he was, we wouldn’t have even searched his car.” said the police officer

Due to the arrest Peyton may be benched this season, it all depends on how the trial will play out.

Girlscouts And Denver Broncos Team Up To Sell Cookies Outside Of Marijuana Stores

empire-sports-denver-broncos-girlscout-cookies-pothead-marijuana-storeDenver, Colorado—

After the NFL Season the Denver Economy started struggling Coach John Fox had an Idea how to support local profits and pump some money back into the City. City officials have approved the plan and the Denver Broncos have officially teamed up with the local Girl scouts to sell cookies to hungry marijuana customers.

Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas said “I think it be great that we be pumpin’ cash back into Denver and maybe we get a little puff, puff, pass at this charity event”.

Local Marijuana users think that girl scout cookies are the perfect snack to fight off those “Munchies”. The girl scouts have raised 5.6 thousand dollars so far and will use that to give back to the Denver community.

Quarterback Peyton Manning proceeded to say that “Im really glad we can help out the Girl scouts and the Denver Economy at the same time! OMAHA!”.

Not only does this attract out of town guests but it raises the cookie sales and marijuana sales in Denver.

Denver has credited John Fox for the Idea and hopes other local towns will follow their lead. Denver’s Mayor, Michael Hancock has awarded John Fox with the “Towns Alive National Award” for bringing their economy back to life. Girlscouts and Denver both will be awarded from this smart move.


Peyton Manning To Coach?

Denver, Colorado –


In breaking news, Manning did not like his neck results well enough to return to Denver as a Quarterback. Instead he is considering taking a job as an Offensive Coordinator.

“I’d love to coach in the NFL if given the opportunity. I have some great audible packages in mind. It would be a great way to finish up my football career.” – Peyton Manning when asked on if he’d consider coaching in the NFL.

Sounds crazy I know. To add on to that a few teams in need of an offensive minded coach have already expressed interest in Manning.

“We would love to get Manning on our coach staff. His knowledge on the game is just priceless. His knowledge and understatement on the game would be a huge boost to our Offense.” –  Said an anonymous coach in the NFL.

Well it is time to get used to it. At this point I’ll be more surprised if Manning does not coach, then if he does. Can his success as a QB translate to success as a coach? I am sure it can. Just the way he plays Quarterback with all the audibles and techniques it is almost like he is already a coach. Watch out football world Manning is on the prowl. Just have to hope he is with you instead of against you.