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Eli Manning Cut From the Giants

empire-sports-eli-manning-cut-new-york-giants-nflEast Rutherford, New Jersey-

New York Giant fans are going to have a lot of questions coming in the next couple days, as news of Eli Manning being cut, has finally surfaced, It is reported that Manning will no longer be behind center coming this fall, at least in a Giants uniform. He was released from the team this afternoon, as what is being called a “choice that had to be made”.

Co-Owner of the Giants John Mara is taking the heat for the cut, but claims that they team needs to move forward.

“He had a few great years with us, but the past is the past, this team needs another Super Bowl. If I was looking for a guy to break the record for most interceptions, I would have easily kept Eli on the squad.” said Mara

“I’m not trying to take away what he did for our team, he was a great QB in his prime, but I’m sick of all our highlight reels being a pouty face of Eli after he throws another pick six.”

It is unclear where Eli will land next, but word is a few teams have their eye on him as a solid back up. As for the quarterback taking Mannings spot that is unclear, but names like Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and Matt Mcgloin have been in discussion.

It has been a tough past year for the Mannings as both QBs fell short of what they set out to do; win another Super Bowl.

No comment has been made by Eli at this moment, but at some point he will have to face the people, and explain how he feels about the situation. Manning did lock down two Super Bowl rings while playing as a Giant, but even those rings couldn’t save his job today.


Bulls Cut Derrick Rose; Say He Isn’t Worth It


Derrick Rose, the MVP of the 2011 NBA season has been cut by the Chicago Bulls. He injured his knee back in November, and the Bulls say he is just not worth waiting for. This has every general manager in the NBA scrambling to place a claim on him.

The Miami Heat seem very interested in him, along with 18 other teams who will obviously wait for this former-superstar to heal, and then start at point guard. “I think the Chicago Bulls are idiots, absolute idiots for cutting Derrick Rose. Sure, he has been hurt a while, and is hurt again, but I think he is definitely worth waiting for. If he signs with us, he will be our starter when he comes back, I can guarantee it,” a reporter told us. Those were the words of the Miami Heat general manager. Apparently everyone wants this former-MVP.

The big 5 teams that put a claim on him were the Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacers, the Houston Rockets, the Toronto Raptors, and the Phoenix Suns. If Derrick Rose ends up going to any of those teams, he will still be in playoff talks. I never thought the Chicago Bulls would even think about cutting Derrick Rose, but apparently they have been thinking about it since his injury in November. When we finally got a chance to talk with the Bull’s general manager, this is what we collected.

“This is really shocking, and I think I speak for all of us. How long have you been thinking about this?” a reporter asked. “Well, we were really expecting big things out of Rose, and when he got injured again, we didn’t know what to do. Now the Bulls have been playing pretty well, so we just don’t think we need him any more. He is just too expensive. That’s all I will answer right now. Good bye,” the Bull’s general manager responded with.