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Donovan McNabb Returning To Philadelphia Eagles; Signs Multi-Year Deal

empire-sports-donovan-mcnabb-return-philadelphia-eagles-contract-2014-quarterback-vick-millionPhiladelphia, PA-

Quarterback controversy is some what of a normal thing for the Philadelphia Eagles. With knew coach Chip Kelly making his mark, it is still in the air who will be the starter this coming fall season. Now, finger point to Foles after an impressive previous season, and with Vick out of the picture you would think that he has in the bag right? Wrong.

Reports broke today that a familiar face will be returning to his old team this fall; QB Donovan McNabb. McNabb had a rollercoaster career at Philadelphia it had its ups and downs, but at the end of it you kind felt sick. He didn’t do anything really that terrible, but he never did anything really that great. Granted, he did take the Eagles to a Super Bowl he fell short to Tom Brady, and the Patriots.

Questions will be asked to why he got the offer to come back to the Eagles knowing he left on a sub pair note, but Coach Kelly is optimistic about his return.

“It’s exciting to see McNabb return to our team, and I feel we can all learn a lot from him.” said Kelly

“I’m not positive if he will be in the running for QB, but his is defiantly a person I want on my sideline on a Sunday afternoon. Our QBs are young, and McNabb has played for this team for years, and could teach them a thing or two.”

No remarks have been made by McNabb besides a tweet he posted saying “I’m coming home”.

We tried to get a remark from Andy Reid, the former Eagles coach that spent years with McNabb. Unfortunately, Reid had just eaten a calzone when we called for his statement, and was too winded to make a statement on the issue.

Bulls Cut Derrick Rose; Say He Isn’t Worth It


Derrick Rose, the MVP of the 2011 NBA season has been cut by the Chicago Bulls. He injured his knee back in November, and the Bulls say he is just not worth waiting for. This has every general manager in the NBA scrambling to place a claim on him.

The Miami Heat seem very interested in him, along with 18 other teams who will obviously wait for this former-superstar to heal, and then start at point guard. “I think the Chicago Bulls are idiots, absolute idiots for cutting Derrick Rose. Sure, he has been hurt a while, and is hurt again, but I think he is definitely worth waiting for. If he signs with us, he will be our starter when he comes back, I can guarantee it,” a reporter told us. Those were the words of the Miami Heat general manager. Apparently everyone wants this former-MVP.

The big 5 teams that put a claim on him were the Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacers, the Houston Rockets, the Toronto Raptors, and the Phoenix Suns. If Derrick Rose ends up going to any of those teams, he will still be in playoff talks. I never thought the Chicago Bulls would even think about cutting Derrick Rose, but apparently they have been thinking about it since his injury in November. When we finally got a chance to talk with the Bull’s general manager, this is what we collected.

“This is really shocking, and I think I speak for all of us. How long have you been thinking about this?” a reporter asked. “Well, we were really expecting big things out of Rose, and when he got injured again, we didn’t know what to do. Now the Bulls have been playing pretty well, so we just don’t think we need him any more. He is just too expensive. That’s all I will answer right now. Good bye,” the Bull’s general manager responded with.


Kershaw says it is all about the money


It’s all about the money says Clayton Kershaw

Recently the Dodgers avoided arbitration with LHP Clayton Kershaw by agreeing to a seven-year, $215 million contract. At the press conference Kershaw stated that the most important factor in the new contract was the money. “Staying a Dodger, championship rings, fans and all that other stuff that guys sign for is nice but for me it was all about the money. I figure I can buy whoever else I need” stated Kershaw. Dodger ownership was also ecstatic with the deal locking up the young star for years. They didn’t seem concerned with the big payout stating a raise in ticket and concession prices will take care of everything and ensure that none of the money is coming out of their pocket.