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NBA Adds Lay-Up Competition To All-Star Weekend for Short Players

empire-sports-nba-layup-competition-contest-all-star-weekendBRONX, New York– With so many great athletes in the NBA, one of the highest viewed  competitions is the yearly NBA dunk contest. It is an event of pure talent, strength, and swagger as players from the NBA show how crazy they can get with their dunks. Throughout the years we have seen dunks no man thought could be possible.

Now, we are getting the chance to see some of the shorter, and whiter players get a chance to showcase their talents. The NBA has announced that coming next season a NBA Lay-Up Competition will take effect to show that other players in the NBA have skill to. Granted, it won’t be as faced paced and exciting as the dunk contest, people are optimistic about the event.

“That’s awesome!” said one white man

“How many different type of lay ups can a person honestly do? They will have to get extremely creative.” said another man

Their will be rules to this event to enter, and hearing the rules it truly does make things fair for those shorter players. Here are a few key rules pro basketball players must follow to enter.

1. Must be shorter than 6 feet tall

2. Must have at least one style of lay up

3. Must bring at least 10 paying customers to enter

4. A surcharge of $100 to enter

5. No one from the Miami Heat is allowed to enter

With a tough contest, and strict rules you know that the pay off for the winner will be huge right? Prizes include a trampoline, a sponsorship by Little Caesars, all you can eat bread buffet, and a ride on a Ferris wheel.