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Floyd Mayweather Jr Gets Naked Outside Of Washington DC Club

empire-sports-floyd-mayweather-jr-nude-arrest-money-tmt-naked-drunkWASHINGTON, DC — Notorious boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is no stranger to flashing his money around publicly, but this weekend he shocked many on the streets of Washington D.C. by flashing more than just money.

According to several eye-witnesses, an apparently intoxicated Mayweather got a little too fresh with some women passing by outside of a club in D.C. before dropping his pants and yelling obscenities towards the women.

“He was in large group of men, some that looked like body guards, and he started flashing a whole lot of money at some women passing by,” said Joseph Goldsmith, who witnessed the altercation. “I guess he didn’t like that the women ignored him because he started taking his clothes off and yelling something like, ‘you know you want this, bitch’.”

Witnesses said Mayweather and his group hopped in to a nearby car and fled before police arrived.


DC Police say they may have enough evidence to arrest Mayweather for indecent exposure as several witnesses had captured cell-phone photos of the incident although no charges have been officially filed.

Mayweather, nor anyone from his camp have commented on the allegations.

Johnny Manziel And Snoop Dogg Spotted Smoking Weed Day Of NFL Combine

empire-sports-johnny-manziel-snoop-dogg-nfl-weedTo anyone familiar with him, it’s not surprising that Johnny Manziel partakes in a bit of herbal medication.  It’s surprising to no one on planet Earth that Snoop Dogg enjoys the reefer. Now what is surprising, at least to us, is that Johnny Football would rather smoke weed with Snoop than participate in the NFL combines.

Manziel was suspiciously absent from combine activities on Saturday and just before 4:20 pm (ironically?)  Snoop Tweeted Manziel asking, “where u at?”

Initially the Tweet seemed harmless, maybe Snoop just wanted Johnny Football’s autograph, but after several reports today it all makes too much sense.

Manziel was spotted at a downtown Indianapolis hotspot with none other than Snoop passing what was most likely a marijuana cigarette.  The duo were in a private area in the back of the club surrounded by an entourage of men and young ladies.

Manziel, a notorious party boy, has been in the news recently after being spotted leaving a Los Angeles club with a pair of Hollywood hotties, one of them, incidentally, also happens to sell weed for a living according to one report.

Man law dictates that I must now post pictures of Johnny’s lady friend, otherwise known as the hottest drug dealer on the planet..

Empire-sports-johnny-manziel-girlfriend-01Empire-sports-johnny-manziel-girlfriend-04 Empire-sports-johnny-manziel-girlfriend-03 Empire-sports-johnny-manziel-girlfriend-02